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2008 Wentworth Interview

Dominic & Wentworth on Aussie Morning Show 

談話內容:credit to sunshinegirl@ex   中文注釋:Nihow


Larry: We sent our UK correspondent Nuala Hafna on the tough assignment to to talk with the boys ahead of the dvd release this week. She joins us now. Nuala good morning, tough gig tough gig. What were they like in real life?

Nuala: Oh yeah. I gotta say some days when you just wake up and think I love my job. These guys were so nice. Clearly they are shocked about the success world wide of Prison Break but clearly enjoying the ride as well. Take a look.

Nuala: It's been four years since you first stepped into the role of Lincoln Burrows. Have you been blown away by the world wide success?

Dom: Oh yeah. The success has ...it certainly took me by surprise. Prison Break is one of the biggest shows in the world and whenever I do travel I am constantly being recognised.

Nuala: Now to borrow a phrase from Peter Allen do you still call Australia home?

Dom: Of course

Nuala: You gotta get back there.

Dom: I will. I gotta get back there.

Nuala: The last time you were there was...

Dom: The last time I was there was 2002.

Nuala: Oh my goodness.

Dom: I know it's been a while

Nuala: Is there like of a support group in LA for Aussies where you can use words like daggy and grouse?

Dom: Daggy.  I haven't used daggy in a long time.

Nuala: It'a a good word, you can't explain it

Dom: Grouse. I  never use grouse.

Nuala: Australia is going to take credit for every part of you. Dominic Purcell is Australia's gift to the world.

Dom: Dont' be silly. Don't be silly.

Nuala: Your character Michael Scofield. He's a super hero isn't he? A regular guy and no matter what is thrown at him and a lot is thrown at him he's going to be ok. Is that how you see him?
無論什麼事發生在Michael Scofield 身上,總是能迎刃而解,你覺得他是個超級大英雄嗎?

WEM: He is frequently more than human and frequently less than human but only occasionally just human.
Nuala: Are there any weird fan moments? I'm waiting for someone to paint themselves in the exact tattoo that Michael had.
WEM: You know I did have someone ... there was a young woman who had been hanging out at a particular Starbucks that she knew I went to. She'd been waiting there for a couple of days with gifts.  There was a pillow, a set of skeleton keys so that my character could get out of a jam - push come to shove - and also a set of handcuffs which she gave to me while blushing.
Nuala: Your peripheral has exploded. How are you kind of handling it all?
WEM: It's actually worked out really well because the show is a hit in the states ..um... and we are tremendously grateful to our American fanbase but it is huge everywhere else like in Australia, in France, in Korea, China you name it ..um...and I walk down the streets in some of those countries and you feel for a moment ...it's like being a rock star.
Nuala: Yeah I warn you if you come to Australia you will get mobbed.
WEM: I've been and had an amazing time.
Nuala: Were you mobbed?
WEM: Yeah. I was.
female presenter:  Ohhh. Nuala. Wentworth Milller seemed very charming. What did you think of him?
主持人:Wentworth 看來好迷人哦,你對他的觀感如何?
Nuala: Yeah I think the evidence is there. That is so embarrassing. I was out of control in flirt mode there. Shut it down girlfriend. Oh look apart from Larry I've gotta say that in the flesh Wentworth Miller is I think the best looking man I've ever seen. When he turns those sky blue eyes on you it's like oh my goodness where are my legs.  I walked into the interview room and like gee it's hot in there. And he was like 'oh are you alright can I get you a glass of water and I'm thinking 'I dont' think water is going to help this'. And he's genuinely lovely.
這是顯而易見的。真不好意思,我忍不住想和他打情駡俏...哦,除了Larry之外(男主持人,這當然是客套話),我得說Wentworth Miller本人是我見過最好看的男人,當他用那雙湛藍如晴天的眼睛看著我,天啊,讓我簡直暈頭轉向!當我一走進訪問室,就覺得怎麼裏面這麼熱;他還問我說:「你還好嗎?要不要我給你倒杯水?」我當時只想到「一杯水可能没什麼用吧.....」他真的很可愛!

Larry: Nuala I was looking at your eyelashes and I think if they were moving any faster you could have taken off.

Nuala: I just hope my boyfriend doesn't see that vision. No need to see that.

Larry: Oh that's ok, don't worry about a thing. We've sent him a copy already. Nuala thank you very much. Sorry to put you through such trauma.

Nuala: I was charmed. Thanks guys.


Wentworth Miller 於法國雜誌TELE CABLE上的新訪談:

translated it for IMDB, 中譯:Nihow
Wentworth Miller “I want Michael to die!”

Prison Break is over! If the information has not yet officially confirmed by Fox, Wentworth Miller, aka Michael Scofield, is positive about it and he wishes it in order to move on.

It is during a break during the shooting of the fourth season’s eleventh episode of Prison Break that we have met Wentworth Miller. “I won’t keep on doing the show for the money” he says, before implying that the time has come for him to turn to feature films.

Fox has just announced the preparation of a two hour episode that will be “Prison Break” finale. Disappointed?
No. Our show was never designed to last 10 years. I’m rather relieved that Prison Break stops after four seasons, because I think it is time to find a conclusion for the two brothers’, Michael and Lincoln, issues.
不,我們這部戲本來就不打算演太久。其實看到PB在四季之後畫上休止符,其實我也鬆了一口氣,因為我也認為這該是給 Michael和 Lincoln 這對兄弟一個結局的時候了。
How do you imagine the end to Michael’s storyline ?
I want Michael to die! You only have to see his itinerary throughout the episodes to see that there is no happy ending possible for him. Prison Break is not a fairy tale. Michael has committed the worst of things in order to get himself through certain situations. he is certainly no saint and does not deserve to end with a big smile on his face, a wife and a baby. His destiny is to die. That’s my idea. Now, I don’t have any influence on what the writers will come up with because the financial aspect is completely alien to me.
我想要他死!你只要看看他這一路走來的歷程,就知道他不可能會有好下場。Prison Break不是個童話故事,Michael為了逃亡,做了太多罪大惡極之事,他當然不是個聖人,也不該有面帶微笑,坐擁妻兒的好下場。他的終極命運必然是死亡,不過這是我的想法,對編劇不見得有影響力,因為他們的商業考量我是完全陌生的。
Do you realize that the end of Prison Break is going to disappoint a lot of French fans ?
I realize that because I feel like a rock star when I come to France, with how the fans are omnipresent and passionate about the show. But as they say in French: “C’est la vie !”
我了解。因為我在法國的時候覺得自己像個搖滾巨星,體會到粉絲們對劇集呈現出來的熱情…但正如你們法國人常說的:”這就是人生” !
what do you know exactly about the end of Prison Break ?
Officially, we don’t know anything except that the authors have been advised that they have to write a two hour episode that we will shoot at the end of season four. The writers will use the holiday at the end of the year to come up with a script that we will shoot early next year after we finish the 22 episodes of this season.
would you take on the part of Michael again if the producers ask you to ?
No. I don’t want to hang on to this character just for the money. It’s also for this reason that I would like Michael to be killed in the final episode. So that there can be no turning back.
Doctor Sara had her head cut off in season 3 before her really lively return this fourth year…
Ok, right, anything can happen. (laughs) But Sarah Wayne Callies’ return was requested by the fans. I love to work with her, especially since the relationship between Michael and Sara is still at the centre of the story.
What memories will you keep of these four years as Michael Scofield ?
It’s a unique and great moment. It’s rare for an actor to find a character who’s so widely appreciated by the public. Prison Break has been the first big experience in my career, but I hope there will be others.
You have never taken advantage of the success of Prison Break to go into feature films. And today?
I understood right from the beginning of Prison Break that the public needed to identify me with Michael Scofield in order for the show to be a success. If was a voluntary choice on my behalf to say no to the movies and to cultivate a certain amount of mystery around me.
How do you see 2009 ?
I hope to find an interesting script to shoot a film next year. My goal is not to make a blockbuster with stunts and explosions or special effects: I did that on television. My ideal script would be an intimate (?
很怪的字) and strong story… even if that means nobody seeing my movie (laughs).

12月7日新增網誌    edit: Nihow
Went 於三月分在巴黎接受訪問的另一段內容,因為當初談的還是第三季的內容,現在看來有點過時(out of date),因為談到巴拿馬監獄及Sara的死及復仇等等....不過有Went的英俊相貌及優雅談吐,還是很值得一看!

Wentworth Miller Interview Excessif TV Paris

英文字幕由sunshinegirl@ex 提供

WEM: Season 4 makes sense to me as the kind of final act really because it's not about escaping anymore it's about taking on the people who destroyed the brothers lives in the first place and it's make or break time.

Dom: I'm using our expertise as you know versatile criminals who can get out of situation more so than the average human being.

SWC: I was having a baby, I was writing a pilot, and I was reading War and Peace

RK: I love Sara. I'm so glad she's back on the show.

SWC: I had had warning that it was coming but I was so involved in being a new mom that to be honest it was pretty far from my awareness.

Dom: We sewed it back on for her and that's how she came back.

RK: It never came off. That was somebody else

SWC: Unfortunately I forgot to warm my mom. My mom was not pleased.

RK: They never cut off her head.

SWC: I think actually the head was put away in a dark place never to be brought back again.

Dom: I said to the writers how you lose a head and put it back on but they said this is prison break and they just got away with it.

RK: I think it was brilliant that they did that. they go know you know what I think we should kill Sara.  Let's kill Sara. No you know what I don't think we should kill Sara I think it was someone else. 

WEM: Not unless it's very dry. Yeah. The show has a real dark sense of humour and Michael has his moments from time to time.

WEM: There's nothing to smile about.

SWC: He has a very unique sense of humour.

dom: we are both pretty boring guys. we are just boring.

RK: Wentworth tuns into a little kid. He is...once you get him laughing there is no stopping him.

WEM: There is no official confirmation. ButI think anyone who works on the show on a daily basis....we all feel that its done.

RK: Do I really want to play Teabag for the rest of my life? No. No I  don't think so.  It's had it's time.. it's had its life. Its' time to put it to bed for a while.