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越獄風雲第四季第一 & 第二集劇透

Episode 4.01: Scylla 腹背受敵
Episode 4.02: Breaking and Entering 出與進
播放日期: 20:00 - 22:00, September 1, 2008 @ Fox

Prison Break - Episode 4.01 - Sneak Peek 搶先看

by Nikki on July 25th, 2008 翻譯:Shelby

(From film at Comic Con)

Michael starts off narrating a letter, saying what has happened with the Company, being bribed to get Whistler out of Sona, and that they killed his only love. Now he is going to take down the Company.
Michael開始陳述一封信,內容是和The Company之間發生的事,他被設計救Whistler逃出Sona,且他們殺了他唯一的愛,現在他將要擊垮The Company。

Cut to Mahone who is driving Susan B. and Whistler in a town car. Susan B. tells Whistler that if he pulls it off, he can come back up to her room later, and “no” won’t be in her vocabulary. 
畫面跳到Mahone開著豪華汽車載著Susan B和Whistler。Susan告訴Whistler如果他成功,待會他可以回到她的房間,但失敗不在她的字典之中。

Michael is spying from a window with binoculars. Mahone let’s Whistler and Susan B. out of the car. Michael puts down the binoculars… 

Whistler and Susan B. walk into a party. “In and out,” she says. They separate. Michael carries a box in through the back, wearing his apron.

Whistler enters a room. Michael changes out of the apron and into his suit. He pulls a gun out of the box and puts in his pocket. 

“Good to see you again,” Jason says to Whistler in the room. “Who are you buying it for?” he asks. Jason insinuates that Whistler is going to sell it to a foreign country or some other terrorist organization.
Jason在房間裡對Whistler說”很高興再次見到你”。”你幫誰買的?”Jason問。Jason 暗示Whistler可以拿去賣給外國或恐怖份子。

“Jason, you know I can’t get into that,” Whistler says. “Do you want to sell the card to me or not,” he asks. He hands off some money. 

Michael strolls through the party and grabs a champagne glass. 

Jason hands Whistler the card. “The Company will do anything to get it back,” he says. Whistler turns and shoots several of the guys before walking out. Michael sees him and follows him through the party. 
Jason給Whistler卡。”The Company將盡一切要回” Jason說。Whistler轉身並射殺一些人再離開。Michael看到他並在宴會中跟蹤他。

Whistler exits the room and goes into another one. He pushes a button in the ceiling panel and pulls out some sort of box and starts downloading from the card. 

Michael walks in, “Where is she?” he asks Whistler. Whistler tells him that he doesn’t understand. They go back and forth before Susan B. walks in. “We need to leave,” she says. Michael pulls the gun on her. “Gretchen look at me. This is for Sara,” he says. 

“I didn’t kill Sara,” Susan B. says. She tells him that she escaped. Michael says that Lincoln saw the head. Susan B. tells him that Lincoln saw a cadaver. He bought into it. Michael asks where she is. Susan B. says that she’ll tell him once they get outside.
”我沒有殺Sara,她逃走了”Susan說,Michael 說Lincoln看到了頭。Susan說Lincoln看到了屍首,他相信了。Michael問Sara在哪裡,Susan說等到他們到外面她就會說。

“Where is she?” Michael yells with his gun at Susan B. Whistler points his gun at Michael and tells him to give him the gun. Michael hands the gun over. 

“Let’s go,” Susan B. says. They rush out the door. Whistler drops the card off for someone, wrapped in a newspaper. 
”我們走吧”Susan B說。他們急忙走出。Whistler將用報紙包著的卡,丟下給某人。

“Sara,” Michael says.

Source:Prison Break Buff

Ep 401 “Scylla”
Michael Scofield : Wentworth Miller
Lincoln Burrows : Dominic Purcell
Sara Tancredi : Sarah Wayne Callies
Sucre : Amaury Nolasco
T-Bag : Robert Knepper
Brad Bellick : Wade Williams
Alexander Mahone : William Fichtner
LJ Burrows : Marshall Allman
Bruce Bennett : Wilbur Fitzgerald
Pam Mahone : Callie Thorne
Pad Man : Leon Russom
Susan B./Gretchen Morgan : Jodi Lyn O’Keefe
Sofia : Danay Garcia
Whistler/Gary Miller : Chris Vance
Sister Mary Francis : Crystal Mantecon
Theresa (Maricruz’s sister) : Rachel Loera
Guest List Woman : Van Trinh
Bellick’s Mom : Carolyn Wickwire
Tuxhorn Steve Tom
Jason Lief John Rosenfield
Server Ricki Noel Lander
Wyatt Cress Williams
Coyote Omar Leyva
Sancho (inmate from Sona) Nathan Castaneda
Chicago Cop Beau Dremann
Don Self (Homeland Security) Michael Rapaport
Colorado Cop Sky Soleil
Tech Jim Kloch
Flaco Al Vicente
Cameron Mahone (NS) Zachary Friedman
Young Woman (NS) Zan Trinh
Gordo (NS) Dominic Flores
White Male/Hawaiian Shirt (NS) Mike Smith
Limo Driver (NS) Chris Nelson Norris

Ep 402 “Breaking And Entering”
Michael Scofield : Wentworth Miller
Lincoln Burrows : Dominic Purcell
Sara Tancredi : Sarah Wayne Callies
Sucre : Amaury Nolasco
T-Bag : Robert Knepper
Brad Bellick : Wade Williams
Alexander Mahone : William Fichtner
Bruce Bennett : Wilbur Fitzgerald
Pad Man : Leon Russom
Stuart Tuxhorn Steve Tom
Wyatt Cress Williams
Sancho (inmate from Sona) Nathan Castaneda
Don Self (Homeland Security) Michael Rapaport
Limo Driver/Wade Irving Chris Nelson Norris
Roland Glenn James Hiroyuki Liao
Claudia Mauricio Rebecca Metz
Security Guard Derek Anthony
Guy #1 Andy Hoff
Guy #2 Tyler Olson
Tuxhorn’s Housekeeper Lydia Blanco
Jasper Potts Troy Ruptash
Nosy Neighbor Dougald Park
Susan B./Gretchen Morgan Jodi Lyn O’Keefe
*Guard John Robotham

8月21日新增   by Shelby

As the fourth season opens, Michael is in L.A., looking to even the score with Gretchen for Sara's death, while Gretchen, Whistler and Mahone go about Company business. And in Panama, Sona has burned to the ground, with T-Bag, Bellick and Sucre unaccounted for. Meanwhile, Lincoln, LJ and Sofia are settling in as a family.

第四季的開場,Michael在洛杉磯尋找Susan,要算殺死Sara的帳。Susan、Whistler和Mahone去辦The Company的事情。在巴拿馬,Sona被燒成灰燼,而T-Bag、Bellick和Sucre下落不明。Linc、LJ和Sofia組成一個家庭。

Michael uncovers unbelievable news in Los Angeles when he seeks revenge against Whistler and Gretchen for Sara’s death. Michael and Lincoln are reunited with the gang and receive an offer from a Homeland Security Agent they cannot refuse. Mahone suffers a devastating loss, and T-Bag is deserted during his flight to freedom in “Scylla/Breaking & Entering,” the 2-hour season premiere episode of PRISON BREAK airing Monday, Sept. 1 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (PB-401/402) (TV-14 L, V)


Source: SpoilerTV



Whistler hustles in and quickly moves to the panel in the
ceiling. His cell phone buzzes and this time he answers it.


What the hell are you doing?! We need to leave.


From here on out Whistler is back in his Australian accent. Whistler的澳洲口音出現了…

I need to hide the gun. 我需要把槍藏起來

Take it with --! 帶著它
Whistler disconnects the call. Whistler掛掉電話。

Source: The_man




My name is Michael Scofield.  我是Michael Scofield
I'm a fugitive. 我是位逃犯
Three weeks ago I was incarcerated in a Panamian prison. 3個星期前我被關在巴拿馬的監獄裡
While I was there I was approached by The Company, a corrupt organization involved in all levels of industry, the government. 當我在那裡時,一個涉及很多事業和政府的貪污腐敗組織The Company和我聯繫。
They gave me two options, break one of their men, James Whistler out of that prison or they would kill the only one I have ever loved, Dr. Sara Tancredi. 他們給我2項選擇,帶他們的人Whistler 逃出監獄,或者殺了我最愛的人Sara醫生。
I help out my hand and broke Whistler out. 我克服困難也帶Whistler 逃出。
The Company, they killed Sara anyway. 但The Compnay 還是殺了Sara。
I don’t know why The Company wanted James Whistler out of the prison but I’ve tracked them here to Los Angeles. 我不知道為什麼The Company 要Whistler 逃出監獄,但我已經追蹤他們到洛杉磯了。
He’s with an agent I know only as Gretchen, the same agent who murdered Sara. 我只知道他和一位探員 Gretchen一起,這位也是殺了Sara的人。
It ends today. 今天將結束。
I will seek the justice that I now know the system cannot provide. 我將尋求現在這個體制無法提供的正義。
So if you’re reading this letter, you’ll know I die revenging Sara’s death. 如果你們正讀著這封信,你們將會知道我死是為了幫Sara復仇。


Gretchen: James! We need to leave. James﹗我們需要離開了。
Michael: You know despite everything that if Sara could be here right now, she told me not to kill you. That’s the kind of person she was, that’s the kind of person you took from me. 如果Sara可以在這裡,她會說不要殺了妳。她是這樣的一個人,妳把這樣的一個人從我身邊帶走。
Gretchen: James, didn’t you tell him? Jame,妳沒有告訴他嗎?
Whistler: I want to inform…我要告知…
Michael: Shut up! Gretchen, look at me. This is for Sara. 閉嘴﹗Gretchen,看著我,這是為了Sara。


Lincoln: Come on babe, I hate… I hate it, you know that. 不要這樣,寶貝。妳知道我討厭這個…
Sofia: I tried your chili burger. 我嘗試你的辣漢堡。
Lincoln: Chili… chili burger? You loved the chili burger. 辣漢堡?妳喜歡辣漢堡。
Sofia: OK. I’m gonna make my mom’s special recipe. 好吧﹗我將會用我媽媽特殊的食譜。
Lincoln: Your mom’s special recipe? 妳媽媽特殊食譜?
Sofia: You’ll love it. 你將會喜歡。
Lincoln: Really? 真的嗎?
Sofia: Yeah… you’ll love it. 你將會喜歡。

Lincoln: Let’s get out of here. Let’s go. Give me your hand. 我們離開這裡,走吧﹗把妳的手給我。
Sofia: I…I…
Lincoln: L.J!
Sofia: Lincoln?

L.J: Dad! We’re safe now. Relax. 爸爸﹗我們現在安全了,放輕鬆吧。
Lincoln: Nah… I saw someone. Looks like The Company. I’m sure of it. 我看到某個人,看起來很像是Company的人,我很確定。
Sofia: Let’s just go, OK? Let’s go. We’ll… we’ll be fine. 我們就走吧﹗我們會一切安好。
Lincoln: Alright then. 好吧﹗
Sofia: Yeah.
Lincoln: OK. Let’s go.


Bruce: Bruce Bennett.
Michael: Do you know who this is? 你知道我是誰嗎?
Bruce: I do. 我知道
Michael: I’m looking for Sara and right now, you are the only person I could think of that can help me. 我現在在找Sara,你是唯一我能想到可以幫助我的人。
Bruce: Hold on. 等一下。

Bruce: Where are you?
Michael: Back in Chicago. Have you heard from her? 回到芝加哥,你有她的消息嗎?
Bruce: Meet me in a hotel in half an hour. 半個小時後在飯店見我。
Michael: Please… just tell me, is she alive? 請你只要告訴我,她還活著嗎?
The police: Michael Scofield?
The police: Are you Michael Scofield?
Michael: Yes, I am.
The police: Hands on your head. 雙手舉到頭上。

拍攝第四季宣傳照幕後特輯(喔﹗My God﹗第一次看這個影片時,看到1:09處時,還真不敢相信自己的眼睛,原來Went這麼的"調皮",竟然舞起來了,這個鏡頭真的值得你一看再看…)





1. 預告片(有些鏡頭是全新的)

2. T-Bag訪問和一些劇透鏡頭

3. 拍攝現場訪問影片 1

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4. 拍攝現場訪問影片 2

5. 新的宣傳照

2. T-Bag訪問和一些劇透鏡頭3. 拍攝現場訪問影片 14. 拍攝現場訪問影片 25. 新的宣傳照


2. T-Bag訪問和一些劇透鏡頭3. 拍攝現場訪問影片 14. 拍攝現場訪問影片 25. 新的宣傳照



第四季首播美國收視率報告: 6.48百萬人次,比第三季首播7.41百萬人次,整整掉了1百萬人次收視。而第一季和第二季的平均收視率為9.2百萬人次。慘不忍睹、搖頭嘆息…該收場了。


   Michael 這個微笑不知道迷死多少人…

放大一點,讓大家可以看的更清楚Michael 的魅力…


Sara: 讓我們Start Over (重新開始)吧﹗          

我們女生Sara 都已經先表白了,Michael 你就接受吧﹗          

這2人在床上難道就只有Kiss這樣嗎???我強烈懷疑…          。

9月6日新增演員訪談第四季        edit: Nihow
Nothing new about their interview. 特別的是主持人在問Dom是否覺得第四季是最後一季的時候,他說從第一季開始就這樣想了,没想到演這麼久;接著旁白提到或許觀眾還想看下去,因此詢問Went的看法,他幽默的說,他曾和Dom開過玩笑,如果BP真能做到第十八季,因為越獄的城市都跑遍了,因此該來點最不一樣的異國風情(outlandish),那Title可能是:Prison Break: Red Planet, or Prison Break: Atlantis,還邊做游泳的動作,hilarious!
註:Red Planet 是火星 (i.e. Mars)
        Atlantis 是沈沒在海底的古城,因此Went 才做出游泳的動作。

Cutie Wentie: 2:04--2:30