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越獄風雲第四季訊息 Part II

8月24日網誌更新      edit : Nihow
根據http://www.prisonbreakbuff.com/ 的消息,the Man and SecretAgentMan have spilled some more spoilers regarding Michael and the Season 4 story line.

In Episode 4.10 Michael gets some devastating news about his health. 
在第四季第十集當中,Michael 得知自己罹患重病。

I doubt he's going to die. After all, this is a show that cut off a lead's head, and found a way out of it. I'm sure they will figure out how to 'cure him' . Also, whoever is giving him this news could be lying. 
我懷疑Michael會在劇中死去。畢竟PB 是個可以砍掉主角的頭,又讓她復活的戲。我想他們一定能找到辦法治好他的病,更何況告訴Michael這個消息的人或許也是騙他的。

Michael tracks the next cardholder and Mahone wants revenge; T-Bag finds a new identity and gets a job offer; Wyatt extracts info on Sara’s location.
Michael and the team have one day to find the next cardholder or they risk going back to prison. Mahone seeks revenge on Wyatt who is attempting to extract info on Sara’s whereabouts, while T-Bag finds the gateway to his new id.
Michael等人必須在一天之內找到下一個持卡人,以免又有回去坐牢的危險; Mahone 對Wyatt 尋求報復,而後者則正在找尋Sara的下落; T-Bag發現一個出路可以為自己找到新身份。 

第四季預告片1 附中文字幕

The_Man回答Fans的問題   翻譯: Shelby

Q1. In the FOX recap of episode 13 we can read than Mahone joined company for money. Is that true, will we see that in season 4? Alex is working as PadMan driver?
A: Mahone has his reasons for working with The Company...which you will find out in the first episode and no he is not Padmans driver.  
Q2. At the end of season 2 we have seen PadMan in some military facility on Long Island. Is that important?
A: I do not know..it may come back at some point.
Q3. Why Bellick is joining white forces to fight against company? Though, he has got nothing to offer and he didn't suffer because of company.
為什麼Bellick要加入白色軍團好對抗company?儘管他不能有所貢獻,而且他並沒因為company而受苦。 A: Well because of everything The Company did...led to the escape which led to Bellick losing his job and winding up stuck in Sona...so it would be fair to say that he has some grudge against them....also maybe he feels bad for the brothers and wants to help.
因為The Company的所作所為,讓越獄事件發生,造成他失去工作,還被困在Sona裡。所以持平而論,他對他們有所怨恨;也或許他為兄弟2人感到悲哀,想幫助他們。

source: the_man for PBelite.org via foxriverrestort

6月21日新增網誌   edit: Nihow

Michael and Sara are together in 403, with Linc, Sucre, Mahone and Roland.
Source: secretagentman
Michael and Sara第三集會團聚,還有Linc, Sucre, Mahone and Roland也在一起。

(5月30日拍片現場 Went & Sara散步vid 可在影音中觀看) by Nihow

Q: We've seen first season 4 TV spot today. At the end Michael is saying to someone "This is for Sara" and then we can see black screen and shot noise. Who was standing in front of Michael and does he really shoot this person [I'm assuming that no, but just want to be certain]

Michael在預告片中說完”This is for Sara”之後,是不是真的開槍殺人了?
The_Man: All I will say is that he is pointing the gun at a familiar character, but he does not shoot this person.


A: LJ is fine....

Q: For three seasons of Prison Break writers shows us that Lincoln is not as smart as his brother. But how will they explain his mistake about head in the box? Won't Lincoln 's character lose credibility because of that?


The_Man: Some people may not like how it is explained, but if most people were in the same situation, they probably would have reacted the same way...so no I don't think he will lose his credibility.


Q: On many scenes during the past seasons we saw that Michael felt a lot of remorse because of all the innocent people that died indirectly in consequence of his actions. Does this mean that his scruples will put his plans in this season in danger or will we see a more ruthless Michael?


The_Man: The death count is going to go a little higher so Michael will have that continueing to weigh on his mind. This could cause him to have some conflicts with himself when it comes to how he should deal or react with certain people. He wants to get back at The Company for what they have done, but he still feels responsible for all the people that have died because of him trying to save his brother. As the list continues to grow, the harder it will be for Michael. Lets see did I even answer your question, I think you will see Michael go back and forth. He may have ruthless intentions, but he may be unable to pull them off.

死亡的數目會稍微增加,所以在Michael的內心會持續感到沈重。這或許會造成他在面對某些特定的人時,會和自我衝突。對於The Company的所作所為,他要找他們算帳,但他仍然覺得對那些因為他想救哥哥性命而喪命的人有責任。死亡人數越多,他就越難辭其疚。讓我們看看我是否回答了你的問題,我認為你將會看到Michael反反復復,他或許意圖做些無情的舉措,但郤不能克竟全功。

Q: Can you describe in one word the reunion between michael and sara?


The_Man: No, I don't think I could do it in one word.
Source: The_Man 

 6月23日新增               By Shelby
Quote: Will we find out more about Susan's motives? For example, is the Sara-story going to change a little from our perception about Susan?
The_man: I think you will mostly find out that Susan/Gretchen is not as smart or as good as she thinks she is.

Quote: In episode 3x13 we found out that Mahone and Whistler they met earlier than from SONA. In initial episodes we will find out maybe something more about these mister?
The_man: Yes you will find out more about what they are doing.
Quuote: Will we in initial episodes be the witnesses of rise of love among Lincoln and Sofia?
The_Man: You will see Lincoln and Sofia together in the first episode...along with LJ.
Quote: 1. Maricruz came back to Prison Break in season four?
2. What is the motive of return Bruce. Is he will help Sara in liberation from hands of company?
1. Maricruz(Sucre的女朋友)會在第四季中出現嗎?
2. 讓Bruce(Sara爸爸的朋友)回巢的用意何在?他會幫助Sara從The Company的手中解脫嗎?

The_man: 1. Maricruz will be mentioned...don't know if she will be shown this season or not.
2. You will find out why Bruce is there in the first episode
1. Maricruz將會被提到,但不清楚她是否會出現在這季。
2. 在第一集中,你會知道為什麼Bruce會出現。

Q. 1. It seems that writers forgot about K-man in season three. It's kinda weird because at the end of season 2 his death scene wasn't so explicitly. Is possible any sign of him in season 4? Flashbacks?
2. How quickly will T-bag realize that he has got so valuable thing, I'm talking about Whistler's book.

2. T-Bag在多快的時間內知道他擁有價值連城的東西,我指的是Whistler的鳥書?

The_man: 1. they did not forget about him, his character was not relevant to bring up, as for whether he is dead or alive and destined to return is not known at this time.
2. T-Bag is very aware of what he has and how important it is.
Mahone is not Padmans driver or waiter...so either way it doesn't really matter.
1. 編劇沒有忘記他,他的角色還沒有適當的時機可以再度出現。到目前為止他是死還是活,或者回巢,還不清楚。
2. T-bag非常清楚他擁有的書是多重要。
Q: The_Man, only one question. How much will be Jason Lief important in this season? He hasn't been mentioned in spoilers yet. Answer if you can, thank you.
Jason Lief(第三季結束時,Sofia在Whistler的手提箱裡找到的檔案上的名字)在這季中的劇情裡有多重要?他還没在劇透中被提到過。
The_man: You will hear about Jason Leif this season....thats all I can tell you .
你會在這季中聽到關於Jason Lief,我只能告訴你這些。


  Source: The Man,  Adopted from TWoP,  edit: Nihow

Q: Michael will reveal that Sara is still alive by himself or someone is going to tell him about it?
A: A little of both.
Q: Will anybody from characters fighting against company stay in Panama? I'm wondering whether whole action and characters will move to US or there will be some staying in .
是否有任何對抗The Company的角色留在巴拿馬?整個劇組都搬回美國了嗎?
A: Eventually they will all end up in the . 

Q: Is it also true that 2 familiar characters will be leaving sooner than we thought? Whistler inculded? Or are they just going to get a new actor to play him?
A: Yes it would appear to be that way.... and no they are not getting someone else to play Whistler.

Q: Are they still planning for introducing the Molly character or did they already gave up that idea?
Molly 這個角色的前景是
A: I haven't heard anything about Molly in a long time so I would for now assume that she has been dropped.

Q: Is Bruce going to help the brothers? Is he the one to tell micheal about sara?
A: Bruce is on the brothers side.  He helps Michael in locating Sara.

6月25日新增網誌  Source: The_Man, Speedy, Herrlosse  edit: Nihow 

And, because some dead people, are not quite as dead as we thought, eg: Sara, is there any other people 'returning' from the dead? Eg; Kellerman, or Bill Kim...etc. 
是否有其他已過世的角色,像Sara一樣會死而復生?例如Kellerman, Bill Kim等人 
There is nothing planned for more 'dead' people right now. 
Can you tell us a little more about Wyatt? Does he work for Gretchen or has he a higher position inside The Company and this way a potential rival for her? 
可以談一下Wyatt嗎?他在The Company當中是Gretchen的手下還是比她職位高?會不會因此而成為她潛在的對手? 
Wyatt works for the company....and reports to Padman..he is an assassin and he is very very good at what he does. 
Can you tell me anything about C-Note, and if he'll be returning.
C-note is enjoying life in witness protection and I doubt he will return, but you never know. 
What can you tell us about the reunion between Michael and Sara? 
I'm not going to give any information about Michael and Sara reunion right now. 

6月25日新增預告片 這幫人闖進了財政部的金庫(因此才有這個標題)。Gretchen 殺了Wyatt的一名守衛逃了出去,Mahone則在後追踪 Wyatt。
source: secretagentman@TWoP

Nihow: 越來越懷疑該不該貼第四季的spoiler,因為覺得好像透露得也太多了一點,到時候不知道會不會減少了欣賞的樂趣?另外"safe & sound"裏的safe

  by Shelby
Q: Is there a way, that we will could see, how Sara’s character was affected by the incidents she had to pass through, when she was kidnapped?
The_Man: You will see a little bit.

Q: Will there be some tension between Michael and Sara? I mean Sara will be probably affected by what hapened to her.
The_Man: She will be affected a little bit, but there won't be a lot of tension between them.

Q: On this site it says that the actress Sasha Alexander will play in "Scylla" a character called Shannon Andersen. On the comment section from that site, someone says that the source is questionable because it from IMDB. Can you confirm us if this spoiler is true? And if yes, who is Shannon Andersen?
有人提到女演員Sasha Alexander將在第一集裡演出Shannon Andersen這個角色,但這個消息是出自IMDB,所以有人提出懷疑。你可以確認嗎?如果是,誰是Shannon Andersen?
The_Man: I haven't noticed a character by that name so I don't know who she is, unless she was added later....or a character could have had a name change, which does happen from time to time.....It does not sound familiar to me but I can't confirm if it is true or not, since like I said, a few things could have been changed.

Q: Can you tell us what "Scylla" refers to? I mean: I know Scylla was the one of the two monsters in Greek mythology.. But how is it connected with events in the 1st ep.? Is there something about phrase: "between Scylla and Charybdis"? Or.. something else? And please: tell us ANYTHING about it, not only: "you'll have to watch"
"between Scylla and Charybdis"(腹背受敵)這個成語有關嗎?還是有些什麼意義?
The_Man: You'll have to watch...... but I will tell you that it refers to the six heads of Scylla.
這和Scylla的六個頭有關。(附註: 每個頭都會抓經過她身邊船隻的一位水手)

 Source: Spoiler TV


Uploaded by pb-redemption
字幕:     by Nihow
This fall Prison Break returns with all new season. And if you think you know what's coming next, breech yourself for the biggest surprise yet!

6月27日新增網誌  source: secretagentman@TWoP 翻譯: Nihow

#405 is called " Safe and Sound". Gretchen is still alive and being held against her will by Wyatt. 
第四季第五集名稱 "安然無恙". Gretchen 雖然還活著,但很不情願的被Wyatt挾持了。


1. James Hiroyuki Liao 將扮演幫助兄弟的電腦駭客Roland Glenn

2. Sasha Alexander 將在第四季第一集裡扮演 Shannon Anderson

6月29日新增網誌 source: TWoP edit: Nihow
Hello, The_Man. After reading all these posts I must admit you're unusually patient man Rolling Eyes
OK, let's return to the point. I haven't found any question concerning Michael's tattoo.
Some time ago Went said (in some interview I think) that his tattoo is going to be important again in this new season.
There were some rumours about tattoo removal. Is that true? OR - if you prefer - what exactly is the importance of Scofield's tattoo in season 4?
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Michael's tattoo is addressed in the first episode.
The_Man i have a question, that isn´t actually a spoilery question, it was about the schedual, some rumours are going around that the show will air only in 2008, since Fox has Dollhouse lined up for Monday night begining January, can you tell us anything about this schedual? will we have the usual hiatus? or will the show really only air until the end of 2008, even if it does have all 22 eps? Thank you in advance, and thank you for being so kind to answer all our questions!
謠言指出Prison Break只播放到2008年,而不在2009年Fox的節目表當中,因為有另一齣新戲Dollhouse要在明年一月播放,是真的嗎?
As far as I have heard they are planning for a full season. Dollhouse only has 13 episodes for its first season. SO Prison Break will be on in the Fall and then take a break, In Jan. Dollhouse and 24 will be on...around end of March beginning of April Prison Break should come back and finish the season with 24.
The first question is about Sucre and his changing. I already read that this changing will be physical but will there also be a mental changing?And does he influence his changing or is he forced to do it or is it because of nature( for example growing hair)?And would you say he is still the same charming Sucre from season 1 and 2 or the more serious Sucre from season 3 or a little of both?
I would say that due to the experiences he has been through Sucre wil be a combination of the Sucre from all seasons. I'm not sure what they mean about a physical change.
Will the character Jane(the woman who worked with Aldo, Lj stayed with her) appear or is she going to be mentioned?
So far no, but it is still early so anything is possible.
What about the fact that Veronica is dead?I mean Lj has still no idea because there wasn't enough time for Linc to tell Lj what happened to Veronica so will there be a scene in which they talk about Veronica?In which Lj asks Linc where Veronica is?
Lincoln could have told LJ when he picked him up from being released from jail in Season 2. They spent a good amount of time together and I am sure Linc told LJ. It is one of those things that happened while you were watching something else going on.
Lincoln應該已經在第二季的時候就告訴過LJ Veronica的死訊了。
The_man, any plans to bring back Agent Lang?
The interaction between her and Mahone was one of the best parts about Season 3.
Yes you will see Lang again.
Is the Michael Rappaport character going to have a main role in this season who will appear in many scenes or will he have just a supporting role?
He's not a main character like Michael or Lincoln, but you will see him often enough.
Michael Rappaport 的角色雖不若Michael or Lincoln重要,但戲份也夠多了。
Is there a chance that we’re going to know, what happened to those people working together with Aldo? As I know, they had the same strong will to bring the Company down, as Aldo himself. Maybe they could be useful for Michael and Lincoln, now?!
All I can say on that is watch the show.
Can you tell us something about Mahone, for example how the cooperation between Mahone and the brothers will look this season (any tensions with Lincoln)? Is Mahone playing more important role this season than he was in season three?
There will be times when there might be some conflict but Michael and Mahone have an understanding and a hesitant respect of each other and what the other can do. Lincoln and Mahone will be more interesting but they may even find something to bring them closer together.
有些時候Michael and Mahone會產生衝突,但基本上他們相知相惜,並且對對方的能力又敬又怕;Lincoln and Mahone 之間的關係就比較有意思了,但是他們還是找到了可以增進彼此關係的東西。
The_Man, in what episode will Roland Glenn (The Hacker played by James Hiroyuki Liao) be introduced?
I think that I heard somewhere the second episode. 
電腦駭客Roland Glenn可能會在第二集出現。
What with Westmoreland money?
Westmoreland's money was kicked into the water by Bill Kim and retrieved by the Panamanian Government..
The money was split through all of the Police Officers and Soldiers.That is the end of the money.
Westmoreland被Bill Kim踢到水裏的那筆錢,被巴拿馬政府拿出來讓警官和軍人分光了!這就是那筆錢最後的下場。

Source's: The_Man, Speedy, herrlosse.
Questions by: napoleonattila, Mel, vague, Helia :), pbfan11, cerejitha, mnowomiejsky.

The gang breaks into a 'safe' (hence the title) at the Treasury Dep't. Gretchen kills one of Wyatt's guards and escapes. Mahone is on Wyatt's trail.


Q: The_Man, I have read the following description: "Sara is in a bar getting drunk." I would appreciate if you can determine whether it is correct or not. A: I don't think she was actually drunk, but the rest of that is correct from ep 404. 
Sara並没有真的喝醉,但其他有關第四集的spolier都是正確的(請參見Part I)。

Source: The_Man

6月23日新增               By Shelby

想趕快看到Sara的戲。我曾在本部落提過,我印象最深的Spoiler是第二季14集裡Michael的摩斯密碼"Water is warm",這個劇透一出來,我每天開始幻想Michael這個密碼的涵義,結果電視一演出來,它的涵義竟然是"nothing"…還真是shocked。上面這個Scylla六個頭的劇透,可能又會讓我忙一陣子去幻想一下涵義…

Q: I have a little question about Sucre. I heart that Amauro Nolasco apparently said that he will have some physical transformation. Is Sucre going to use a beard or something?
聽Amauro Nolasco 說他飾演的Sucre會作一些外貌上的改變,是留鬍子還是....
A: I'm not really sure what he meant by that. Well I have a small idea, but i'm not going to reveal it at this point.

Q: Is LJ in any episodes past the first one and is he a part of the "A-Team"?
A: So far LJ is just in the first episode so no he is not part of the "A-Team."

LJ到目前為止只在第一集出現過,所以他不在精英部隊(意指Michael等人組成打倒The Company的團隊)之列。

Source: The_Man 

6月22日新增網誌 影音檔
  by Shelby

Kristin says that she hears in this season, the boys will be staging a break-in (instead of a breakout).
Word is, they’re trying to get into a building owned by the Treasury Department, and I’m guessing it has something to do with taking down the Company, which is their ticket to unconditional freedom, offered by government agent Michael Rapaport. Let’s just hope they don’t forget about Sucre down in Sona!

Kristin說,她聽說這伙人在這一季計畫進行"闖入",而不是"越獄"。他們計畫闖進一棟金庫大樓,Kristin猜這應該和拖垮The Company有關,以便和政府特工Michael Papaport 換取自由。希望他們不要忘了在Sona的Sucre。

Source: E!Online

7月3日新增:   by Shelby

The Scylla six heads does NOT refer to the A-Team (Michael, Lincoln, Sarah, Sucre, Bellick, Mahone).

  • Lincoln will possibly mention what he did with the head in the box.
  • The Company will not threaten Sucre’s baby. At least not in these episodes.
  • Sofia’s character will be minor - like LJ’s character in Season 3.
  • We will be told what happened with Sara, not shown … at least for now.
  • Although we see Sucre with his baby, we will also see him fighting the Company.
  • There are several events that happen in the first episode to bring together Michael and Lincoln.
The Company 不會威脅Sucre的baby,至少不是在第一集。
雖然我們看到Sucre和他的baby一起,我們也會看到他對抗The Company。

Source: The_ Man


中文翻譯:   by Shelby

They've been hunted. 他們一直被追殺
imprisoned and left for dead 在監獄等死
This fall, it's time for payback 這個秋天是該算總帳的時候了
Michael: This is for Sara. 這是為了Sara
Linc: We'd better have one hell of a plan, Michael. 我們最好有個(他ㄇㄚ的)好計劃,Michael.
Linc: This is all done. We've gonna settle up. 這些事完成了,我們也該算總帳了。
Pad Man: Call me when they are dead.
Bellick: No matter what, I ain't going back. 不論如何,我再也不回頭(去)了。
Michael: Sara
The new season of Prison Break begins Labor Day on Fox.
新一季的Prison Break在勞工節福斯電視台開始上映

7月10日新增   by Shelby

Q) How Michael is going to remove his tattoo? In some studio?