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All About Wentworth Interview Part II

感謝照片提供: Sarah@Exc

Wentworth Miller語錄      翻譯: Shelby   Source:  TV.com

1. Wentworth: I'm a private person, but that implies that I'm sitting on a mountain of secrets. The fact is, I'm a fairly quiet person. I have to laugh internally when I'm asked in interviews what nightspots I like to hit. I just don't have answers... So sometimes I make them up.

2. Wentworth: (on rumors he is gay) I’m cool with the fact that the rumors exist. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man, or one of each, that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.

3. Wentworth: (asked if he cooks) I can toast Pop Tarts. That’s really about the extent of it. Actually, I do have one dish I can make - spaghetti and meat sauce. I thought I was so clever the day I decided to add a can of salsa to a jar of Prego to make a kind of Mexican-Italian bolognaise sauce. I thought it was great. My friends didn’t agree.
(被問到是不是有做菜)我會烤些小零嘴,大概就是這樣。說實在的,我是會做一道菜 - 義大利麵和肉醬。有天,我自以為聰明的加入一罐墨西哥調味醬到一罐義大利醬裡,好做成類似墨西哥 - 義大利醬。我覺得不錯,但我的朋友並不同意。

4. Wentworth (about style): My definition of cool is finding your own definition of cool and not necessarily taking your lead from what other people tell you or from what you might read from magazines or see on TV. It’s finding something in your life, in your wardrobe that feels comfortable for you. That feels right for you, and for me, that means being fairly casual about the way that I dress. A lot of jeans, T-shirts and ah Khakis.

5. Wentworth: (asked how he describes his mixed heritage): I say I’m of mixed race and if they ask for specifics, I rattle off the details: my mother is Russian, French, Syrian, Lebanese and Dutch; my father is African-American, Jamaican, English, German and Cherokee.
(被問到關於他的混血遺傳)如果他們問到更詳細的,我的回答是我是混合多種民族。大概內容: 我媽媽是蘇俄、法國、敘利亞、黎巴嫩和荷蘭。我父親是非洲-美國、牙買加,英國、德國和卻洛奇族。

6. Wentworth (about education in schools): While you're at school, I think it's important to take advantage of everything that your school has to offer. I think it's a mistake for an English Major to just focus on English. The whole point of a College Education is to expose yourself to as many different disciplines and influences as possible, because you never know where you will find something that provides some kind of inspiration for your work. I know personally, that as an Actor, I can be inspired by a painting or piece of music or a book that I've read.

7. Wentworth Miller (about Prison Break): Each episode is going to have a number of puzzles for viewers to solve, and there are six or seven different subplots swirling around. It's really going to be something that rewards the attentive and patient viewer.

8. Wentworth (on his low-maintenance short hair look): I've been shaving my head on and off for years, but for a low-maintenance look, it takes a lot of maintenance – I have to cut it twice a week!

9. Wentworth (on the medias effect on his career): So many doors have opened for me that I really can't complain.

10. Wentworth Miller (about his career): In my career as an actor, there is a catchphrase that Scofield always says often in regards to his brother, `Have a little faith.’ In my own career as an actor, there were times when I was the only one who believed in myself in the face of the odds.
Add: in the face of those odds, in the face of a business that seemed careless and indifferent to what I had to offer I chose to keep putting one foot in front of the other, largely because I couldn't think of anything better to do. I didn't have the plan B that Michael Scofield would have had.
(關於他的事業)我的演員生涯,可用Scofield經常對他哥哥說的一句格言: 要有些信心來形容。很多時候,在面對困境時,只有我自己相信我自己。
補充:  在面對困境和演藝事業不順時,我選擇去做的郤是順其自然而輕鬆以對,這看起來似乎有點草率而漫不經心。其實最主要是因為我想不出還有什麼更好的事可以做,我並不像Michael一樣,還有替代方案。

11. Wentworth: Dominic told me about the surfing because he's obsessed with surfing – it's in his blood. I think he needs to hit the water with his board once every couple of weeks or else he goes crazy. That was all useless to me because I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and surfing is not part of our culture!

12. Wentworth (on what he thinks of the Hollywood scene): I feel as though we're living in a time where there is very little distinction paid between the personal and the professional. I know a lot of actors in my generation seem to be out there at the parties, in the clubs and their personal lives become in some respects more interesting and captivating than their work. For me the reverse is due, I think of myself as a very simple perhaps even boring individual.

13. Wentworth (on his favorite personal feature): I hope we all have some features that we are particularly proud of. For me; my eyes are my favorite feature.

14. Wentworth: (on weather or not his love life has improved since becoming an actor) I feel at a disadvantage - people think they know you. I was disappointed when I realized they were more interested in talking to Michael Scofield. If that's what they're attracted to, that's not what I have to offer.
(關於他的感情生活是否有因為他是演員而有所改善)我覺得反而不利,人們覺得他們了解你。當我了解到他們比較喜歡和Michael Scofield談話,讓我很失望。如果這是吸引他們的,那不是我必須去付出的。

15. Wentworth (on his life as a high school student): I was well-known, but I wasn't necessarily well-liked at high school. I didn't have much of a social life then. Any childhood demons I may - or may not have, I get to express by playing Michael. It's me taken to an extreme. It's a healthy, therapeutic outlet.


更新網誌 all scans from www.wentworthmiller.de   Bo@ex 德翻英 Nihow 英翻中

最新一期德國雜誌 German InStyle Wentworth Miller 的訪談,夾頁部份只是談到男星的髮型

本來想收兵不再翻譯了,因為娛樂和工作性質相同,真的是很無趣的事;而且Wentworth最近的談話內容已經不再讓我有新鮮感,通常看看就算了,累積了好幾篇都没貼上來;但是這篇訪問又勾起了我的熱情,總算談到一些最近發生比較有趣的事,不是千篇一律的刺青blah blah blah …..
Formerly he was known as Stinky
Wentworth Miller, star from Prison Break, about his weaknesses, nicknames and women with handcuffs.
Wentworth Miller談到他的弱點,綽號及女影迷送他的手銬。
Wentworth Miller made it to the top with only one role. In the TV-show Prison Break he has himself thrown into prison for his brother. Men like his casual ways, women worship the 36-year-old Brit as sex symbol.(又是Brit? Went真是跳到黃河也洗不清了!)
How do women on the street react on you?
With respect. Recently one waited for me in front of a Starbucks coffee shop in LA. She gave a pair of handcuffs – and blushed. It was, I think, even more embarrassing for her than it was for me.
Did you keep the handcuffs?
Yes, but there wasn’t a key to them. So they are more decorative than handy.
What’s more important – big tokens of affection or little gestures?
Little gestures are usually more intense and touch the other more. But there are moments where big gestures are appropriate. They are always exciting.
Your nickname in school was Stinky. Which nickname would you give to yourself?
A nickname is like a gift and an expression of intimacy. Friends should choose it. (好棒的一句話,我要背起來)
Your strengths?
Perfectionism, purposefulness and endurance.
And weaknesses?
I’m often too hard on myself and set my expectations toward myself too high. Nothing I have ever read about myself was as bad as what I have blamed myself for. 
Is there a long desired wish you have already had fulfilled?
Acting is my dream and I think it is great to be paid for what you love.












Went在1990年(18歲)當了Frost Valley (YMCA)的員工,一位當年參加營隊而迷上Went的R和KK看著一些在營隊的舊照片…









The actor Wentworth Miller--born in England, raised in Brooklyn--is known mostly for his role as Michael Scofield on TV's Prison Break. Less well known is that he was a member of Frost Valley's staff, apparently in Totem village, and apparently for a few years up to 1990.

During the first year Prison Break was aired, a female FV alumna--let's call her R.--was hanging out with another alum, K. K. and R. looked through old camp photo albums. R. had had a big crush on Wentworth and took a nice photo of him at a campfire. The two were admiring this photo when K. noticed that the kid in the photo looked very much like Michael Scofield on the show. R. had already become a big fan of the show and (naturally) had a place in her heart for the actor who plays Scofield. Wentworth both times! At least R. is consistent. The two jumped around in excitement and then went back to marveling at how handsome he'd been even then, at camp.

David Lockwood has pointed out that there's now a Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield doll (see photo at right), thus making Miller the very first Frost Valley staff member to become a doll. (The first that we know of, anyway. If you know of others, please let holler.)

Hmmmm. The Mike Ford doll. The Sue Goldberg doll. The Bud Cox doll. The Rick Wormeli doll. The Peggy Rub doll. The Rick Cobb doll. Or the generic VC doll. Maybe we're on to something. Manufacture these dolls and sell them in the store....

Well, here is a photo of Wentworth during his Frost Valley days:

Source is here.


這個訪問我沒看過,前面的內容和其他訪問大同小異,不過從3:00開始,內容比較不一樣。有空再寫訪問的摘譯。  By Shelby 


712新增   中英文字幕:Nihow

訪談3:00之後的部份,之前的部份是談第三季的走向,及和Wentworth 比較合得來的兩個演員,及和Dominic Purcell之間如兄弟般的情誼。開始時女主持人故意學了一句Mariah Carey It’s Like That 中的唱腔取悅Went,他也很捧場的請她再唱一次。

H: 主持人     W: Wentworth Miller

H: You’ve been recently voted from People Magazine as one of the most beautiful people in, I guess, 2007, (W: ah!) and definitely I think many women would concur. How do you feel about this?


W: You know, it’s flattering, it’s not why I get out of bed in the morning. (H: Oh, no?) He he he he ….I’m actually, it’s funny, I’m actually looking forward to getting older. I love older actors. Those actors show up on the screen and you can read the whole history in their faces on their lines, um, um..the circles on their eyes, like every line and pouch and bag, um..tells a piece of their story. And I look forward actually to being one of those actors one day, show up on the screen you can tell everything about me just by the lines and wrinkles on my face.

你知道,這是種讚美,但可不是我每天早上起床的原因。(H: 哦,不是嗎?) 哈哈,其實有趣的是我很期待自己變老。我喜歡老演員,每當他們出現在螢光幕上,你可以從他們臉上的紋路、黑眼圈看到他們的歷史。就好像他們臉上每一個紋路,眼袋都在述說一個他們的故事。我真的期待有一天能成為他們其中一員,出現在螢光幕上,觀眾只要從我臉上的皺紋就可以了解我。

H: We can already tell a lot about you by your expression. (W: Thank you.) And I hope to watch you, you know, grow old in a lot of movies and all get, you know, quite old. Wentworth, any future plan besides Prison Break?

我們已經可以從你的表情了解你很多想法了。我也希望看到你在很多電影中變老,你知道,真的演到年華老去除了Prison Break,你未來有其他計劃嗎?

W: You know what? It has given me a taste for storytelling and I think I want to be a part of that storytelling process in any way I can, which means maybe one day being a producer or director or writer, I’m not sure specifically what’s next for me post Prison Break, but I’m open to pretty much anything.


H: Definitely looking forward to it. Good luck again on season 3 and look forward to your other projects and adventures. Good luck to you!

W: Thank you so much!

大學時代的Wentworth Miller:
根據li提供的資料摘譯,原文詳見       翻譯:Nihow

Went 的表演技巧並非渾然天成,高中時期他曾於Brooklyn和Pittsburgh近郊的高中劇院表演過;大一的時候他扮演「阿瑪迪斯」當中的信差Count Von Strack,但是他覺得同儕的表現遠勝過他,他說:「我演得糟透了,突然間,我失去了勇氣,一直以來追求的東西似乎成了天方夜譚。」他不再演出,轉而參加Tigertone演唱男中音。
( Nihow: 很有趣,美國人的Count就是英國人的Earl,都是伯爵之意,不知道他演這個角色和他的Middle Name有没有關係?)
1998年,Miller得到了第一個演出機會,在Buffy the Vampire Slayer中客串演出,但真正擔任主角則是在2002年的ABC miniseries Dinotopia,和隨後的電影「人性污點」,他在當中飾演一個長得很像白人的黑人。實際上,Miller本人也混合了阿拉伯,歐洲,和非裔美人的血統。他說:「為我這種背景而量身訂做的角色並不多,這可是我在演藝事業上得特別小心的事。」

A French magazine interview of SWC and WEM. ARTHELIUS n°22  June July, 2008
7月份法國ARTHELIUS 22期雜誌專訪SWC WEM, Soraya 法譯英,Nihow 英譯中
譯者:這篇專訪分別訪問WEM SWC, WEM 的部份類似第四季的spoiler大集合,因此不另翻譯;SWC的談話涉及WEM 的部份翻譯如下。有興趣看全文者請至excommunicated閱讀。
A: 訪問者 SWC:Sarah Wyane Callis

A: You have therefore agreed to return without knowing many details about the circumstances in which Sara would make her return
SWC: In fact I did not know precisely what the writers were going to invent to bring Sara to life. I have full confidence in them even though I suspected it did not involve the supernatural [laughs]. They had also guaranteed me that Sara would not come back in stages or flashback. This would really have caused damage to not continue the love story between Mike and Sara. It is not just the fans who want to know how all this will end! I also wish to know how the story will end! [Laughs]
Sara復活,但我對他們充分信任,雖然有點懷疑是不是得涉及超自然能力…(大笑) 他們保證Sara不會只出現在倒敍的劇情當中;同時也認為如果不再繼續Mi-Sa之間的愛情故事,會對本劇有所傷害。其實不只是粉絲們,連我自己也想知道他們之間的結局究竟如何呢!(大笑)

A: How was your reunion with WEM?
SWC: You know, we stayed in contact following my departure from the series and it was as if we did not see each other for more than 6 months. Wentworth was as surprised as me when he learned of my return. When we got together again on the set of the show, we both had trouble believing. I'm really happy to rejoin all my colleagues again because, in truth, I began to miss them a lot…

A: And concerning his relationship with Mike
SWC: One thing is sure: do not expect that Mike and Sara will fall into each others arms during their reunion. It will take time to rebuild their relationship and he was not told the full story completely…

7月14日 e!online Kristin 專訪 Wentworth Miller 及 SWC     請自行至下列網址觀賞


7月20日新增訪談video(Clips belong to E! Online, no copyright infringement is intended.)

感謝Tbonita @ EX   中譯:Nihow
Kristin : So Hi You
Went : Hi You
Kristin : There's a ferris wheel tonight. You gonna be riding that ?
Went : Uh, I don't think so. I don't think they're gonna give us time to ride the ferris wheel.
Kristin : Why ?
Went : I may have just enough time for cotton candy, but I have a 6 a.m. call.

Kristin : They do like to work you guys pretty hard, don't they ?
Went : They do, They do, but we're back in L.A., and that kinda makes it all better.
Kristin : So how has the show changed since we're back in L.A. ?
Went : You know what ? It's uh, completely revolutionized, you know. The boys, the uh, the brothers, are no longer on the run. They've decided to stand and fight, to take on the Company, to take on the conspiracy that destroyed everyone's lives in the first place and in that sense, it's kinda completely different. They're being proactive, as opposed to reactive, and at the same time, it's still the chills, the thrills, the spills, the old romances that we all love and have invested in, so if you've loved us all along, you'll continue to love us. If you've hated us all along, you'll continue to hate us. It's more of the same.

Went:回到LA後,一切都變得輕鬆一些。劇情方面則是他們不再逃亡,而是決定對抗The Company,推翻所有入他們於罪的陰謀,因此本季他們都採取主動,而非被動的守勢:有懸疑,也有浪漫,愛看的人還是愛看,不愛看的可能還是不愛看。
Kristin : Are you happy with how the Michael & Sara storyline has been going ?
Went : I am, I am. I like that the fact that it's complicated, that there's still barriers to these two. They do get together. There is everything you kinda hoped would happen in that reunion, but at the same time, Michael has changed a lot. While he thought Sara was dead, he crossed a couple of lines, got blood on his hands, and the question is "Does he deserve her ? Does he, is he the man she once knew, and fell in love with ?"

Went:我喜歡 Michael & Sara 之間錯綜複雜的關係,兩人之間的障礙依舊,大家想看到的東西在重逢時都會發生,但因為Michael改變了很多,在他以為Sara死了的時候,違背了法律,手上沾滿鮮血;目前的問題變成:他還值得Sara的愛嗎?他還是那個Sara曾經愛過的人嗎?
Kristin : I have to say, SWC does look much more pretty with her head attached.
Went : ***laughs*** She does.
Kristin : She was far too pretty to lose her head.
Went : ***laughs*** It suits her, doesn't it ?
Kristin : Some other people, not so much, but her, you want to keep the head on.
Went : ***laughs*** Yeah, I think so too.
Kristin : Was it nice to have her back on set, to be working with her again ?
Went : Yeah, I very much missed Sarah. She added a certain something to the show...class, intelligence, a bit of estrogen, and I think she was sorely missed. And I think by the fans reacting the way they did, that certain people who made certain decisions, decided to make it right, and I think it's important to note that throughout the whole situation, Sarah was a model of grace and integrity, and acted out of her concern for the fans, the story, and character she created. We're really happy and honored that she was willing to come back.

Kristin : Well, we're happy too. The fans are happy. Last question, I hear you guys have been having some Paparazzi now that you're shooting back in L.A. and I thought I overheard you telling a story about you had handcuffs and a pillow and the paparazzi got it ? What's that all about ?

Went : There was a fan waiting for me at this local coffee shop that I go to on occasion. She must have known that's kinda where I hang out, and she had a few gifts in her car. She had been waiting for this moment, kinda carefully preparing. There was a pillow, because she heard I like naps. There was uh uh, skeleton keys on a key chain for Michael, to help him get out of a jam, and there was also a set of handcuffs, and she said "I'll leave this to your imagination" and it was....


Kristin : NO !
Went : And it was really sweet actually, that someone kinda went to that much time and effort, that put that much thought into your gift. Of course, I'm carrying this pillow, skeleton keys, and handcuffs down the street, and as soon as I turn around, of course, there's the photographers. Those pictures are out there. It's amusing. It's the nature of the beast.

Kristin : What was Wentworth doing ? Were you a little scared ? A little ?

Kristin : 她們的作法會不會有一點讓你害怕?
Went : No, the fans don't scare me. It's why we do what we do. I'm just grateful.

Went :不會,粉絲永遠不會嚇著我,這正是我們從事這個行業的理由。我只對他們心存感激。
8月16日新增網誌                          by Nihow
RLM@ex)寄了一封信給Went索取簽名照,等了八個月之後收到了他親筆簽名照,但一反常態的在上面留的message是Be bad, Be very bad, WM (通常他寫的都是千篇一律的 Be good)  哈哈,大家都在揣測RLM何德何能拿到這麼一張特殊的簽名照,她的解釋竟然只是她寫了一張紙條給他,內容就不詳了...


Went最讓女人無法抗拒的地方竟然是....Went 的身高和他的頭腦!





8月25日新增Wentworth & SWC interview Part 1 
Went看來似乎又恢復正常體型了,字幕有空再打!       Nihow

8 27日新增中英文字幕     翻譯:Nihow





This is John Kubicek from BuddyTV and I'm here with Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies from the hit FOX show Prison Break. How are you doing?
Wentworth: Good, how are you?  
Great. Now the fans at BuddyTV are extremely excited to have Michael and Sara back together. How easy or difficult was it to find the chemistry again after being gone for a season?