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Prison Break Season 4 Info Part I

                             Prison Break Season 4 訊息

2008年秋季 Fox電視台

拍攝地點: 洛杉磯

開拍日期: 2008年5月 

集數: 22集

故事開始時間點: Michael逃離Sona一個月後

1. PB S4最勁爆消息,女演員Sarah Wayne Callies要回來演醫生Sara了…

Kristin (from Watch with Kristin at E!Online) had the chance to chat with Matt Olmstead regarding Sarah Wayne Callies’ return to Prison Break 4!! Lucky duck.

Some key points:

  • We’ll get to find out what happened to Dr. Sara via some fast-paced flashbacks.
  • Michael and Sara will get some lovin’.
  • Season 4 is planned to be 22 episodes.
  • There will be some myseries to solve.
  • They are still contemplating Prison Break: Cherry Hill.

Here’s the interview:

I’m so glad to talk to you about this because we literally get floods of emails about Sarah Wayne Callies and her character Sara Tancredi. “Sara, Sarah, save our doctor, oh my god we miss her so much,” so there’s some seriously happy people out there right now.

Sarah Wayne Callies, the actress will be back, but does that mean Dr. Sara Tancredi be back? Is it really her evil twin? What is this all mean?
No, she’s the real deal. Sara Tancredi is back.

And it’s in the present day? It’s not a season entirely in flashback—she’ll walk in the door, and she joins the story in progress?
Season four is jumping-forward, hit-the-ground-running storytelling. But we are dropping back, in flashback, and explaining how the characters got to where they are and the situation with her, certainly.

So by the middle of the season you’ll be caught up, story-wise?
We’ll be caught up sooner than that. It’s not like a 50/50 thing where it’s half present-day, half in flashback. The flashbacks are much more economical, and you’ll get it fairly quickly. There are some mysteries that we’re going to extend out, but it’s not going to be the bulk of the season.

Now, internally are you planning season four as a 22-episode season?

As I said, we’ve gotten emails galore about Sara(h), and I’m sure you’ve gotten a few of your own. Was this decision made because the fans were so vociferous about how much they wanted her back? Or had this been part of your overall plan for the character? How did this come about?
It wasn’t because of the fans that we did that, but it was the combination of the fans’ reactions on the boards and emails, and people we, the writers, know personally would ask about it. And that led us all to have conversations internally, about the fact that there were a lot of people out there asking, “Is she really dead?”

We knew internally that when we didn’t get Sarah Wayne Callies to come back in season three and be there to portray her character’s death, as soon as it was written and filmed and we saw it on screen, we knew that it was actually a way you could describe how this wasn’t Sarah’s head in the box, basically. But at that point, we were going forward with other stories, so we kind of put that on the back burner.

But throughout that time we watched how people externally were really talking about what we thought might be the case, internally: The question of, “Is Sara Tancredi really dead?” So throughout season three we were mindful of references we’d make to and who took credit for killing her and all kinds of stuff regarding her death.

Ultimately, we came back after the strike to talk about season four, and that’s when a bunch of things kind of came together, and we then had the big conversation. Is Sarah really alive and can we bring her back? And once we opened it up, it happened really quickly.

How did Sarah Wayne and Wentworth feel about this? 
Wentworth is abroad promoting the show and I sent him an email, I have yet to hear back from him, I’m sure he’s going to very excited about it, but in terms of Sarah Wayne…Initially, the way these things work, there has to be an offer first, so once our pitch about how the Sarah character would be a part of the season was approved and met enthusiastically, the offer went out. And once the offer was on the table, that’s when Sarah Wayne and I spoke, and I told her what I had in mind creatively, because what we have in mind is something she can definitely sink her teeth into creatively.

IIt’s not just you pick her back up, and she’s there as the loyal girlfriend and “Michael, go do your thing, and I’ll be waiting for you when I get back.” Again, we’re jumping forward story-wise. There will be a bit of a mystery period where we cover what happened. It becomes about Michael trying to figure out what happened to her. It’s his attempt to reclaim her, and her trying to figure out what happened and dealing with it. So laying all that out to Sarah, the actress, she liked that, and so she slept on it, and then we made a deal.

The end of season three seemed to imply that season four would have something to do with Michael avenging Sarah’s murder. How does her return change any plans you had and what can you tell us about season four?  
You know, the strike through a wrench into things in that there was no back nine for us, telling about all those stories, so we were asked to go right to a season four, instead of just picking up moments later, we took that opportunity to be ambitious about it, so we’re jumping ahead picking up down the road. There’s a fresh aspect to it, but there’s a mystery aspect to it.

How did these people get there? How is that person talking to this person? And then we’re dropping back and answering those questions, so it becomes about slowly discovering how Sarah got back, how Michael found her, those type of things.

If Sarah’s back, will there finally be some romance and maybe some sex for Sarah and Michael?
Yes! They are finally together, but like I said there have always been these physical barriers between them. He was incarcerated, she worked in the prison hospital, so obviously there’s a barrier. He was on the run, she was in another part of the country, there’s a barrier.

Here they are finally able to be together, but we are jumping ahead [in time], so there’s that period that’s unaccounted for, so what happened to her, what happened to him and hope they both help each other get past that, get past these…invisible barriers.

There’s no physical barriers anymore between them, but they’re both pretty banged up when they see each other, and it’s about how they get past that to really find that real intimacy.

So they’re not necessarily living together in suburbia with a dog and a baby, but they reconnect and we’re sort of watching them get to know each other again?
I mean it’s Prison Break, so they’re all still trying to clear their names avoid jail time avoid death and so there’s still that locomotive feel to it, storytelling-wise, and while that’s going on on, on the fly, these two people are trying to save each other.

I know the women’s prison spinoff was under consideration for a while. Is that still something you’d think you’d want to do?
Very much so. We’re working on a script, but right we’re focused on season four Prison Break, and then we’ll spin that off.

Source: E!Online  and TV Guide

翻譯: Nihow
我把兩段訪談( Ausiello's & Kristen's Interview with Matt Olmstead) 的重點做個整理,節錄如下:

Q: 當初為何要讓Sara在第三季死亡?/不覺得對Sara迷很不公平嗎?他們好不容易才相信她真的死了。
A: 第三季Sara 的死純粹是商業考量,因為Sara 的死,造成Michael 的內疚,並讓Linclon恐懼LJ會有同樣的命運,兩兄弟間的衝突也為第三季增加很大的張力;但其實在寫完腳本並拍攝之後,我們就留下了伏筆,因為没有人真正見到Sara 的死,Lincoln 也只是一瞥,所以箱子裏的頭當然可能不是Sara的;此後我們一直很小心的不要提及Sara是怎麼或是被誰殺了這類的問題,而進行其他的劇情。 我也不覺得不公平,我們總不能讓Sarah Wayne Callies 在椅子上綁個13集,即使她逃了,又能做什麼?如果讓她坐船遠離,那就真的失去這個角色了,還不如盡量利用她來製造戲劇張力。

Q: 什麼原因促成Sara的復活?/觀眾的反應所扮演的角色為何?
A: 其實這是兩者意見的合流,觀眾在e-mail 及留言版上的反應當然是促成Sara復活的一大原因,我們看到觀眾一直在問:「Sara真的死了嗎?」讓我們也想到這個可能性,但那時我們無法處理這個問題,因此暫時置諸腦後,但編劇罷工讓我們没有辦法在第三季完成這件事,因此編劇們在罷工後回到新一季劇集的內部討論時,決定給第四季一個有創意的新的開始,我們還是要替Michael 尋找情感寄託,而觀眾不停的問Sara是否真的死了,其實意味著不希望她死,這個想法排山倒海而來,促成了Sara的復活。

Q: SWC 和WM 對這件事的反應如何?
A: 我用e-mail通知尚在國外的Went,但未獲回應,我想他應該很興奮;至於SWC 在同意我們為她的角色在新一季定調之後,她和我有過冗長的討論和對話,她對我的開創性想法感到滿意並願意投入其中。

Q: 因為上一季你們和Sarah之間的不合,要找回SWC回來演這個角色一定不容易吧?
A: 其實至少我們(指製作群)對她没有嫌隙,一切只是商業考量;雖然原先給了SWC暫時的承諾讓她演第三季,但Fox希望我們給PB更令人動容的情節,我們想到了讓Sara離開的點子,並用極端的方式呈現,這點讓她不太舒服;但其實也有個人因素的考量,因為她那時即將臨盆,大概也不感興趣吧!

Q: 為什麼SWC又肯回來演這個角色?
A: 我們長談過在Sara消失的這段時間所有的情節和其他角色的發展,SWC對我們為Sara Tancredi設計的角色反應很好,因為她不是個沮喪的等待心目中的英雄回來的少女,而有更複雜的內心戲,這讓SWC 十分期待,就和我們達成協議了。

Q: 如何再把Sara帶回第四季?
A: 第四季將會是節奏明快的一季,它的故事將發生在第三季結束的一個月後,足以讓我們交待發生在第三季末留下的伏筆,交待這段期間Michael 和Sara發生的事情,又可以發展新的劇情。它會以最精簡的回溯方式交待Sara神秘消失的前因後果,解決第三季留下的其他謎團,並進入新的劇情。

Q: 在第三季末暗示Michael 將有復仇大計,但如今Sara死而復生,對第四季的走向有何影響?
A: 因為劇集的縮短,讓我們無法在第三季暢所欲言,現在我們決定在第四季讓劇情繼續往下走,但會解開那些上一季留下的謎團,讓觀眾慢慢發現Sara是怎麼回來的,Michael又是怎麼找到她的..這一類的事情。

Q: Sara 回來了,和Michael之間總會有一些浪漫情節和床戲吧?
A: 是的!第一二季物理環境的阻礙太多,這一季要克服的則是心理障礙,何況名為Prison Break,他們還是得幫助彼此洗刷罪名免除牢獄之災,才能真正的開始發展親密關係。

Q: 是否還有做女子監獄劇集的打算?
A: 的確有,等做完PB 第四季,就會著手進行。


5月9日新增內容:   翻譯: Nihow  整理:Shelby
1. 第四季將是PB最後一季。

2. 5月20日正式開拍。

3. 第一集標題: Scylla  暫定腹背受敵
一位專門透露劇透的the man提供
The Man has revealed that Prison Break Episode 4.01 will be titled Scylla. 
Scylla 是希臘神話中的海怪,有六個很長的脖子上面長著奇形怪狀的腦袋瓜,每個頭又各有三排利齒,身上還有十二條狗腿和一條貓尾巴Charybdis則是海峽另一端的怪物,"Between Scyllla and Charybdis ”是個英文成語,意指進退兩難,不知第一集是指有個邪惡的人,還是指某個難以避開的險境?

4. 第四季新增2位重要角色  
From TV Guide's Ask Ausiello April 23, 2008
Ausiello: Two new players in the war between Scofield and the Company will be introduced in the season premiere. On one side we have Don, an FBI handler who offers Michael a way to bring down the Company once and for all. And on the other side we have Penrab, the Company's top assassin who's waiting on the sidelines for his chance to attack.
FYI, Ausiello 透露第四季最新消息:
1. Don, FBI主管,幫助Michael一舉殲滅Company。
2. Penrab, Company首席殺手, 等待時機全力出擊。

5. 根據Wentworth在德國的訪問,第四季確定在520開拍,同時會和Sara重逢,並揭發Company 的陰謀。
WM: Shooting for season 4 starts on May, 20. Michae is going to meet someone again, whom he has long been looking for. He is trying to go back to his life before prison. And of course more about the conspiracy against his brother is going to be revealed.
第四季將於5月20日開拍,Michael 會再度和一個他找了很久的人碰面, 並且試著再回歸他入獄前的生活。當然陷害他哥哥的陰謀也將被一一揭露。

6. 根據TV Guide的小道消息,第四季仍會回到監獄,和他那些難兄難弟在一起,其中也有Sara喲!
Question: Any more gossip on Prison Break? — Natasha
Ausiello: Michael's headed back to prison next season! Kind of. According to my Prison snitch, a huge warehouse has been erected on the Fox backlot that will serve as a sort of "metaphorical prison" for Michael and his merry band of misfits (Dr. Sara included) next season.


演Susan的演員Jodi Lyn O'Keefe 的訪問
Shelby 簡譯
1. 記者提到"妳是PB裡的壞蛋"…
2. 她說她會出現在第四季,且SWC會回來…
3. 她特地開玩笑的說:「我做了廣大的搜尋,在街上找到一位長的像Sara的人,然後將她的頭砍下…」
4. 她說沒有人(製作單位的人)告訴她Sara這事件到底是怎麼一回事…她很高興SWC回來…
5 .她很高興第四季搬回LA拍攝,沒有甚麼事比能在自己的房子、庭院和3隻狗來的好…
6. 她相信5月20日應該是她上工的第一天…
7. 記者問她會出現在第四季一整季嗎?她回答不知道,還沒有人告訴她,她只能打開劇本看她是不是死了…


1. 第四季將於8月25日開張,當天播出2集。

2. Michael 將會去除身上的刺青。因為刺青已無用武之地,且Michael為了掩飾刺青,還得整天穿長袖。沒了刺青,或許製作單位會給Michael穿一些超性感的無袖緊身背心…嘻嘻嘻﹗

3. PB的演員為了宣傳第四季,2008年5月15日來到紐約中央公園,參加Fox的宣傳活動。
Linc, 他們3人都恩恩愛愛的攬著旁邊的腰,你在幹嘛?

第四季新增演員Michael Rapaport,他將飾演一位 政府特工Don,提供2位兄弟有利的資助…
圖為Wentworth  和 Rapaport 兩人在2005年5月19日  Fox Primetime UpFront 上的合照


A. TVGuide 專訪Sarah Wayne Callies:

B. Wentworth Miller in "Access Hollywood " interview:
source: sunshinegirl@ex提供訪談稿

what can you tell us about the next season I mean what sort of things are we going to be seeing?

WM: I think it's time that the boys stopped running and it's time to stand and fight. What we have is a kind of dirty dozen A-team thing happening where we a lot of your favourite characters - the good ones and the not so good ones team up to take on the conspiracy. The organisation that destroyed eveyone's lives in the first place.

Now how do the storylines keep getting upted I mean does it ever run out of ideas or do things keep getting infused from real life? I mean how does it work?

WM: I think that's the really cool thing about the writers. They are genius's at the plot twist. There is always something kind of fresh and interesting and unexpected. And it's our job as the actors to, within that, create the most believable complicated and compelling characters possible so that you as the viewers care when one of us gets offed.

Any guest roles coming up? Any stars....?

WM: I think we have Michael Rappaport joining the cast f fourth season which is exciting and then in the very first episode we actually say goodbye to a couple of major characters that I think everyone thought would stick around a little bit longer.

Are they spoilers that you are giving me now?

WM: They are spoilers. And that's as far as I can go. 

1. Mahone在第三季末加入The Company, 只是為了獲得內部情資。
2. Linc兄弟暫時分道揚鑣,但Sara復活又讓他們復合,一起推翻The Company,又得同時安全救出Sara。
至於在vid中Went提到第一集就有幾個主角會死,不知道是誰?(Could it be Whistler or Sophia?)


Shelby 摘譯整理



A. 来源:TWoP
 from The_Man (he’s read the 4.01 script, apparently):

- Sara appears in the first episode.
- Robert Wisdom is out (obviously), most of the primary characters for 4.01 have been seen before
- The new roles don't appear in episode 4.01
- Matt Olmstead has the writing credit for episode 4.01.

He also confirms that what happened to her is explained in the first episode (not until later in the episode though) 
and that we'll know what happened to all the regular characters in the first episode.
And finally, he confirms that Michael and Sara have scenes together.

But he says he read the first draft of the script, which could still change. 

1. Sara將出現在第一集。
2. Pobert Wisdom(Sona老大)當然已經退出,第四季第一集的主要角色,都是熟面孔。
3. 新的角色第一集不會出現。
4. Matt Olmstead負責編寫第一集的劇本

The Man還確認第一集會交代Sara到底發生什麼事,且我們也會知道所有的主要角色所發生的事。
但The Man說他讀的是第一集的劇本草稿,可能最後會修正。

B. 漏掉的內容,下面這個來自BuddyTV的消息

兄弟2人領軍和新角色一起對抗Company,加入成員包括Mahone、Bellick、Sucre和T-Bag。這些Fox River的人將再度為共同的目標而努力。(什麼嗎﹗感覺這個消息很奇怪和不合理???)

C. Went in Access Hollywood 08/05/15訪問影片,附中文字幕。其訪問主要內容關於第四季…

D. 請不要想太多,也不要下定義,他們只是很談得來的工作夥伴,ok?  ^____^

翻譯: Shelby

導演: Bobby Roth. 
拍攝日期: 6月 2-12, 2008 (加州洛杉磯).

目前公開甄選新角色Roland Glenn的演員
25-35, any ethnicity. A computer whiz with poor social skills. Roland works with Scofield and the gang in their attempt to bring down The Company. But, he's the kind of guy who doesn't know when to shut up and is cocky at all the wrong times.sptv050769. RECURS IN 6-7 CONSECUTIVE EPISODES (through mid-August). Guest Star. 
25-35歲,任何種族,一位缺乏社交能力的電腦高手。Roland和Scofield等一幫人一起合作,企圖打倒The Company。但他是那種不知道什麼時候該閉嘴的人,總是在錯誤的時間耍小聰明。將會連續出現6至7集(到8月中旬)。客串明星。

Source: SpoilerTV

5月25日新增第一集訊息: (by Nihow)
根據The_Man的說法 , 第一次播出一集 , 長度兩小時(而不是兩集) 
yes the first episode is a 2 hour episode. its not 2 episodes put together like normal, it is a longer episode.
That's what I have read....and I think it would be a good move given the shortness of the previous season....

第四季Prison Break將延後一小時,於每週一晚間九時接在Terminator之後播出。 FOX FALL 2008 SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED, PRISON BREAK PUSHED TO 9PM FOX just released their 2008 Lineup. Looks like Prison Break will be airing an hour later then last season. MONDAY 8:00-9:00 PM Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 9:00-10:00 PM Prison Break Source: EZTV 

5月28日新增    Wentworth 在LA拍攝PB第四季現場video
Went在厚外套內穿著第三季最後一集的T-shirt & jacket,  推斷應是拍第四季第一集 , 真的很帥喲!

I don't want to give too much away....there is still a few months until the show starts again..i will say that when the show starts no one is in prison, but the first episode picks up a month after the end of season 3....it will be explained what happened though.
第二集名稱:Breaking and Entering

5月29日新增S4 第一集 Behind The Scenes照片
007Michael Scofield 來了


5月29日新增S4 第一集 Behind The Scenes照片 : 
Reunion of Michael and Sara! 
source: justjared

Went 在加州Pasadena拍攝現場,顯然第一集就和Sara 重逢,但不知是否劇情需要,我覺得Sara有點憔悴,Dom大哥手臂上竟有大片刺青, is that real?  (by Nihow)
Prison Break
hottie Wentworth Miller takes a quick coffee break on the Pasadena, California set of his hit TV drama on Thursday.
Costars Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies were also spotted on set.
Purcell was seen sitting. shirtless. sweating. SWC had a Pyrex bowl filled with, what looks like mac and cheese!

越獄風雲"歲月催人老"競賽   時間: 2004年11月─ 2008年5月 

狗仔記者: Shelby(應觀眾要求,我決定頒給Michael 老最少的榮銜,再仔細看他在第四季穿西裝的模樣,真的和第一季時沒差多少…)

第五名: Michael Scofield             優勢: 8國混血血統   

第四名: LJ                               優勢: 身材嬌小   

第三名:  Doctor Sara         劣勢: 在工作和baby中奮鬥    

第二名: Sucre          劣勢: 禿頭    
第一名: Linc         劣勢: 孩子生太多,經濟壓力大      


Prison Break Season 3 DVD Breakout episode
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主要內容是導演和一些演員(Linc, Mahone and Whistler) 談論拍第三季第十二集"Hell or High Water"的甘苦,導演談的是技術層面,包括找到這個夏威夷海灘拍這場戲的原因,必須克服的問題及挑戰等等,,,像水中的燈光必須使用手提燈,在水底拍攝得用水中攝影機,水中攝影師的辛苦....Linc則是覺得這集有點像007電影,Whistler 覺得又辛苦又好玩,Mahone則說不問劇情如何,他都願意接受更多挑戰,而演員們共同的感想則是泡在水裏5 個小時,真的是好冷好冷......在影片中還可以看到Michael等人紛紛跳水的鏡頭,Went最強的一點是一上船就可以喝到星冰樂,真的不容易!

Behind The Scenes video一部。我最喜歡看這類型的影片,因為感覺可以更接近演員真實的一面。
00:50 處,Went不知道和SWC說了什麼,她還高興的跳跳腳。
01:09 處,原來SWC穿著睡袍就可以去拍攝現場……
01:33 處,Went真是一位有禮貌的寶寶,會主動和看管拍攝區的警衛握手。

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Wentworth Miller gets his shades up in a scene for the TV show Prison Break in Los Angeles on 
星期一生日當天 Went戴著stylish (odd?) 的太陽眼鏡 在第四季LA拍片現場 看來心情不錯

6月4日新增Behind The Scenes影片一部
狗仔記者: 阿草    注意看1'45''處喔就在Went和Pam擁抱之前,原來,Sarah走在他身旁,勾著他的手呢!
插播記者: Shelby  為了讓螢幕情侶效果達到最佳,戲前戲後絕對要繼續培養感情的…

PB4 new cast: Cress Williams Targets Prison Breakers 
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Williams will play Wyatt, the latest assassin employed by
The Company to bring brothers Michael and Lincoln's seemingly endless run to an... end. Prison Break returns for Season 4 on Monday, Aug. 25, with a two-hour episode.
Cress Williams將扮演第四季中The Company 僱用的最新殺手Wyatt, 他會讓兩兄弟似乎永無止境的逃亡走向盡頭...

"But what of PB's other Williams?" you may ask. Check back Wednesday for an update on poor, sad Bellick's fate.

6月5日新增 source: TV guide
Question: Loved your exclusive on Cress Williams joining Prison Break. But what about the show's existing Williams, Wade? Is Bellick being left behind at Sona?
Mitovich: The big splashy Prison Break news, of course, has had to do with you-know-who's return. And at last month's Fox upfront, it was that person, Went, Dominic and Amaury representing the series. That, plus the way Season 3 left off, could point to us having seen the last of Bellick. Well-placed sources assure me, however, that Wade will be back this fall — and hopefully dressed in far more generous prison garb.
看樣子Bellick還可以在第四季暫時存活下去, 也希望他能穿像樣一點的囚服

第四季首播日期更動: 9月1日播出2小時 8:00PM-10:00PM

Mahone 拍攝現場Video
還不知道他會是靠Michael這邊還是The Company那邊。
They are at the same place at the same time, but not exactly for the same reasons. Mahone is actually being a driver, Michael is pretending to be a waiter to sneak into the building.
根據The_Man的說法,Roosevelt Hotel那場戲,Michael和Mahone出現在同一時間同一地點,但動機不一樣。Mahone的確是擔任司機,而Michael則是假扮成服務生好混進去飯店裡…
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The_Man, Do any other characters resurface? People we've seen on the show before?

yes you will see some other familiar faces show up.

問:  請問有任何我們以前看過的角色再度現身嗎?
The Man: 是的,你將會看到一些熟悉的面孔出現。

Q: Will relationship between Michael and Sarah change a lot? For how many episodes is "breaking in" action?
Michael and Sarah 之間的關係是否已和從前大不相同了?有多少集是和他們試圖入獄有關?

A: its hard to say, there are going to be some differences because they have changed as people since they first met. but there will still be some moments where they are like a couple....at least thats how it was planned. i don't know what could get edited out before the show airs.
its hard to answer the second question without giving too much about the season away. but, the breaking and entering for the title of episode 2 refers to just that episode. i'm not sure if that helps or not.
第二個問題很難回答,因為我不能洩露太多,但breaking and entering 只是單指第二集的劇情。

Ep 403 is titled Shut Down 第四季第三集標題   Shut Down
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Wentworth Miller chats about Prison Break New Season

In this video released by Kristin at E!Online, Wentworth Miller chats about Prison Break Season 4. 
Kristin對Wentworth 的訪問只有一小段,談到第四季的發展,看來是在開拍之前的Upfront 會場進行的,因此戲還未開拍, Went所知大概也不多,我把英文字幕打在下面,供大家參考。
Question:What's coming for the 4th Season of Prison Break ?
Wentworth: A lot of it is yet to be revealed. Especially to the actors. I’ve seen the rough draft of the first episode, nothing to follow. My understanding of 
the 4th season that it is a concerted effort between all your favorite characters to take on the Company and bring down the Conspiracy that destroyed everyone’s lives in the first place.

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source: the_man for PBelite.org via foxriverrestor
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1. Approximately, how many time of episode 1 will take retros/flashbacks?
Episode one takes place over several days. Maybe about a week. It is not all flashbacks, there are a few flashbacks to seasons 1 and 2 with Michael and Sara.
第一集的故事發生在幾天,大約一個星期之內。並不全是前情回顧,只是會有些第一季和第二季Michael and Sara之間情節的回顧。
2.Chris Vance is joining the cast of new tv series. How important is it for his prison break character?
Chris Vance要拍新戲了,這對他在PB中的角色有何影響?
His character will still be relevant...but his bird book is will be more important than he is.
他的角色還是很重要....但還不及他那本"鳥書"重要 (真的是本鳥書,我可没講髒話!)。
3. How many episodes writers wrote so far and how many they've finished shooting?
They have written completed up through episode 4 I think and they are currently filming episode 3.
source: the_man for PBelite.org via foxriverrestor

6月17日新增網誌     source: TWoP   edit : Nihow
在Watch with Kristin 上找不到原稿,直接引用TWoP的二手資料,內容應一字不差
What's the word on Prison Break?
Sadly, my set visit had to be postponed, and I'm hoping it pans out for another time soon. In the meantime, I can tell you that in the new season, Michael Rapaport is coming on board as a government agent who offers complete freedom (all charges dropped) to Michael Scofield if he helps them to bring down the Company once and for all. Word is, this offer will cause all the peeps we love to form an A-Team of sorts (including Sara, hurrah!) to bring down Gretchen and her big, bad voodoo friends. Here's hoping they have a kick-ass van and Linc sports some big-ass jewelry and a Mohawk.
在第四季當中Michael Rapaport 扮演的政府情報員對Michael提出了無罪釋放完全豁免的條件,前提是他必須一舉推翻 the Company。因此所有我們喜愛的演員將會一起組成戰線(Sara也在其中),去打倒Gretchen和她強而有力又邪惡的幕後老闆。真希望結局是看到他們開著一輛超炫的貨車,讓Linc炫耀手中沈甸甸的珠寶,再漂亮轉身開走。

Next The Man has revealed a couple tidbits. I seems that Mahone’s family will be mentioned/possibly shown in Season 4. And for those of you who were McGrady fans and hoping to see him join the quest to take down the Company? Well you probably aren’t going to see that happened. It seems that story line is finished.
Mahone的家人可能會在第四季出現,但喜歡McGrady 的粉絲要失望了,他的故事已經結束,第四季大概不會有他了!

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Breaking News!   source: Fox
Went 及Prison Break獲得Teen Choice 2008 Award (TCA) 最佳動作片及最佳動作片演員的提名,八月四日在Fox轉播頒獎典禮。

(Shelby補充: 這是Went第3次獲得TCA的提名,前2年都摃龜,今年捲土重來,不知道能不能獲獎。因為這項網路投票只限於美國觀眾,其他國家觀眾並不能投票。即使你想假裝你是美國觀眾也不行,因為網路會追蹤到你的IP住址,會知道你住在哪個國家。去年我填了我妹妹美國家的住址,也虛報年齡,等我所有資料都填寫完畢要投票時,馬上跳出一個視窗,告訴你這個投票只限美國觀眾,真是氣死我了^%&$#@ PB和Went在美國並沒有大紅特紅,想要和Heroes & Lost一拼,是場艱辛的苦戰…)

Both Prison Break and Wentworth Miller received nominations for the Teen Choice 2008 Awards!! The show will air on Monday, August 4th on Fox and celebrates the hottest teen icons in film, television, music, comedy, sports and fashion.
Starting today, fans (aged 13-19) can vote once each day for their favorite nominees at www.TeenChoiceAwards.com

Choice TV Show: Action Adventure
Prison Break

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 
Choice TV Actor: Action Adventure

Josh Holloway - Lost
Matthew Fox - Lost
Milo Ventimiglia - Heroes
Tom Welling - Smallville
Wentworth Miller - Prison Break

TV spot aired during Hell's Kitchen 06.17.08 :


They took his freedom. 他們帶走他的自由。
They took the woman he loved. 他們帶走他心愛的女人。
But there’s one thing they can’t take from him. 但有一件事,他們無法從他身上帶走。
Revenge.  復仇

Michael 只有一句台詞: This is for Sara.  (edit : Nihow)

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I didn't watch PB last season so some of this means nothing to me, but from eps #404 we have..
Bellick working with Lincoln, T-Bag, going by the name Cole Pfieffer and meeting up with Shan Xing (who works for The Man), and who is offered 100 million in exchange for the 'book'. It's all Greek to me. 
Bellick 和 Lincoln結盟,T-Bag則用Cole Pfieffer 的名義和Shan Xing(商欣?像是中國人)碰頭,後者則出價一億交換T-Bag 那本鳥書。
據TWoP的消息來源顯示,Robert Knepper留了鬍子改變造型,可能是為了劇情需要變成Cole的關係吧,但還是姑妄聽之,不可盡信哦!
第四集名稱:404 is "Eagles and Angels"

Source: secretagentman  edit: Nihow
Sara is in a bar getting drunk. 
I don't know if it's a flashback or not, haven't watched since season one, but she has an 'oragami rose' in her purse and some guy named 'Wyatt' shows up at the bar looking for her. Does that help?

Nihow: 幸虧摺紙玫瑰在Sara手上,那顯然和Michael 見過面了!