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Prison Break Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 13                      翻譯: Shelby

Episode 3.13 : The Art of the Deal 
日期: 02/18/2008  @ 8:00 PM on Fox




3.13 'The Art of the Deal' Directors Take

T-Bag Between Takes(T-Bag在拍攝現場接受訪談)










In the Winter Finale of PRISON BREAK, Michael and Lincoln must hand Whistler over to Susan in order to save LJ and Sofia’s lives; Mahone seizes a golden opportunity; T-Bag shows Sona who’s boss; and a familiar face enters Sona as another leaves it in a body bag. 在冬季PB的終場裡,MichaelLinc必須將Whistler交給Susan以便救LJSofia 的生命。Mahone抓到一個絕佳的好機會。T-Bag展現給Sona的犯人看誰才是老大。一個熟悉的面孔進入Sona,而另一人被放進屍袋送離Sona

Michael and Linc make their way to Panama City and their date with Susan B., but Whistler isn't with them. Meanwhile, Mahone waits for an appointment at a Panama City cantina; and McGrady and his father run into a roadblock on their way out of the country. Back at Sona, Sucre pays the price for the escape, while T-Bag comes to Lechero's aid and also takes stock of the new landscape behind the walls. 

As Michael and Lincoln pace in the alley, the hospital door opens. LJ emerges.
Lincoln and Michael turn to him, anxious to hear the news.當Michael和Linc步入小巷時,醫院的門打開了,LJ出現。Michael和Linc轉向他,焦慮地聽著消息。
LJ: Shes gonna be okay. LJ: 她將會沒事。 
Lincoln and Michael breathe a sigh of relief. Linc和Michael鬆了一口氣。
LJ: Uncle Mike? I wanted to wait until we were safe to do thisMike叔叔,我要一直等到我們安全時才要做這件事…
Michael turns around. LJ takes something from his pocket. Michel轉身,LJ從他口袋拿出東西。 
LJ: I found this in the house. In the room where Sara and I were held. 我在Sara和我被關的房子裡發現這個東西。

LJ opens his hand its the origami rose Michael gave to Sara. LJ打開他的手,那是Michael給Sara的紙玫瑰。 
LJ: I thought youd want to have it. 我想你會想擁有它。 
Michael is overcome with emotion LJ and Lincoln step away, give Michael a moment. Michael克制了自己的情感…LJ和Linc離開,給Michael一個獨處的時間。

It would be during this scene that a flashback of Sara would most likely take place.這可能是Sara的回憶戲出現的場景。

Question: In last week’s Ask Ausiello, you said that “Michael gets a special delivery from the great beyond in the season finale of Prison Break on Feb. 18. And someone I thought I’d never in a million years see on the show again turns up in a surprise cameo.” Any hints as to who that “surprise cameo” is? Can you tell us if he or she was a regular on the show, or if he or she has died on the show? — Lip1 
問題: 上星期的Auaiello”,你提到在這一季218PB的終場,Michael得到一個最好的禮物。而一位我覺得已經有一萬年沒看到他(她)出現在劇中的,會再度出人意料之外的出場客串一下。可以給一些提示,誰是這位出人意料之外的人物嗎? 你可以告訴我們,他或她是否曾是劇中主要的角色,或是他或她在劇中已經死了? 
Ausiello: Yes, she was a regular. And yes, she died on the show. And although she didn’t need to be present for this particular cameo, she was most definitely an integral part in making it happen. Hmmmm…. Ausiello also included a pic of Sarah Wayne Callies. Ausiello: 是的,她曾是主要演員,且她在劇中已死亡。雖然她不需要在這個特殊的客串之下露臉,但她的出場絕對是最不可或缺。 Ausiello同時提供SWC的照片。



Here’s a couple clips from Nick Santora’s latest post over at PBreakFans… 
“For those of you who don’t want to see bad things happen to Sucre … don’t watch next week! (I know, I know … it bothers me too … I love that character, but bad things happen to good people).” 
這裡有些PB的編劇之一Nick Santora 上次在PbreakFans發帖的摘錄

The "Whistler for Sofia and LJ" exchange happens. Mahone meets up with someone unexpected in a bar. Sucre ends up in Sona while McGrady gets a happy ending. Sarah appears in a flashback. 





Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows; Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield; Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre; Robert Knepper as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell; Wade Williams as Brad Bellick; Robert Wisdom as Lechero; Chris Vance as James Whistler; Danay Garcia as Sofia Lugo; and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Susan B. Anthony; with William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone 


Marshall Allman as LJ Burrows; Carlo Alban as McGrady; Joseph Melendez as Rafael; Gustavo Mellado as Alphonso Gallego; Crystal Mantecon as Sister Mary Francis