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Prison Break Season 3 Episode 6&7 Spoilers

PB S3 EP 6 & 7 訊息                  翻譯: Shelby 圖: Anne
3.06 Photo Finish & 3.07 Vamonos
播出日期: Nov. 5 Monday @ 8PM and 9PM on FOX.
PB編劇之一Nick Santora曾表示:
EPISDOE 6 of this season is by far one of the best Prison Break episodes ever.
you will never look at Michael Scofield the same way again.

When an inmate is found murdered, Whistler becomes the prime suspect and Michael must prove his innocence in order to save his life; Michael demands evidence from Susan that Sara is alive, or he will cancel the escape; Lincoln and Sofia monitor the guards' morning rituals; Mahone gets an offer that may get him a ticket out of Sona.
M: How's LJ, how's Sara? LJ和
L: They're fine. 他們很好。
M: What about the pictures? 那照片呢?
L: I can't get pictures.

M: I need them Linc. Linc我需要那些照片。
L: I can't get the pictures! 我拿不到照片。
M: Well how do we know they're still alive?! They're the whole reason I'm doing this! 那我們怎麼知道他們還活著,我現在做的事就是因為他們2人。
L: Susan said they're fine so we should just trust her. Susan說他們
M: You're the one who's always telling me you can't trust anybody. Now you're...vouching for this person?!

L: There isn't enough time. 時間不夠。
M: Listen, if I don't see pictures of LJ and Sara by 2.30 this afternoon I'm not going anywhere *pout* 聽著,如果今天下午2:30以前,我看不到LJ和Sara的照片,我不越獄了。
Susan and LJ in motel room: SusanLJ在汽車旅館的房間裡
[Susan walks in to hotel room wearing no pants, hands LJ grilled cheese sandwich] [Susan沒穿褲子走進一個飯店房間,給LJ些烤起司三明治]
S: Can't seem to find American cheese down here. I hope you like Ausiedetto. 在這裡找不到美國起司,我希望你會喜歡這個Ausiedetto。
LJ: Yeah, it's perfect. 很好﹗
S: Couple of years ago I was serving, in Musso, and I was taken prisoner. [Sits on chair in front of LJ, legs spread] A few nights later, I could hear the sound of US Army helicopters, two clicks and closing. My hands were still tied behind my back and I ran. [Flashback of GI Jane Susan looking menacing tied to a chair] It didn't occur to me that if this was a rescue mission my captors could hear the choppers [GI Jane Susan gets up, kicks the chair and hauls ass in slow motion] It didn't occur to me that this was actually a hostage exchange. [LJ looks sympathetic/constipated] and that my jumping would be viewed as a hostile act. I got recaptured immediately. Six rangers died; the firefight. And for the next three weeks [Flashback Susan is thrown down onto a mattress with armed/balaclava wearing men surrounding her] Lets just say, men are pigs [LJ looks down at her nasty ass STD looking scars on the inside of her thighs] Lets be clear, this is an exchange. If you don't try to be a hero, you and your father will be Ok. Ok? 幾年以前我在Musso服務,後來我被當成犯人關了起來。[坐在LJ前面的椅子上,雙腳打開],過了幾個晚上,我可以聽到美國軍隊的直升機,有2部漸漸靠近,我的手還被綁在後背,我開始跑。[回憶: Susan看起來很凶狠且被綁在椅子上]我沒想到如果那是營救的任務,俘虜我的人應該有聽到直升機的聲音。[慢動作: Susan站起來,踢椅子,抓抓屁股]我沒有想到這只是人質交換而已。[LJ看起來很同情Susan/患便秘]而我的逃脫可被視為懷有敵意的行為。很快地,我又被俘虜。在戰火中,6位突擊隊員死了。接下來的3星期[回憶: Susan被丟到床上,一位武裝/戴著帽子的男子圍繞著她]可以這麼說,男人都是豬。[LJ看著她淫穢的屁股,在她大腿內側有個疤]讓我說明白,這是交換條件,如果你不嘗試當個英雄,你和你爸爸將會很安全。
LJ: Ok﹗ 好﹗
S: Good [Looks at LJ's cheese...sandwich] Eat! [Smiles. Walks away] 很好﹗[看著LJ的三明治起司] 吃吧﹗[微笑的離開]
Mahone in visitation. With Suit and Lang: SuitLang探視Mahone

Suit: Wow. Living the good life, huh? Having too good a time here to contemplate leaving? 想過好的日子?計畫想離開這裡?
M: I needed some time to think. 我需要一些時間考慮。
Suit: Well I needed some time to finalize my agreement with the Panamanians but instead I get dragged down here. 我需要一些時間去完成和巴拿馬人的協議,但我卻先被拖到這裡來。
M: I'm sure it was really hard to convince you to come down here. 我非常確定很難去說服你到這裡來。
Suit: I'm gonna be honest, I was looking forward to seeing you down here like this. But now that I'm here, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. 老實說,我早就期待看到你被抓到這裡,但現在我在這裡,卻不希望這樣的事發生在任何人的身上。
M: Eight years minimum security? 最少8年的監禁?
Suit: I got them down to four. 我讓他們減至4年。
M: I leave for the US tonight? 我今晚要離開到美國嗎?
Suit: Once the special prosecutor clears you you'll be on your way. 只要那位指定的檢查官證明你的清白,你就可以走你要走的路了。
M: Wha...what about a special prosecutor? 那指定的檢查官如何?
Suit: You'll stand in front of a guy, you'll tell your story and he determines if you're gonna be a useful and credible witness, it's a formality.你將會出來作證,而他會決定你是否可以是有用且有價值的證人。這是例行公事。
M: It's a formality! It's just a formality... 例行公事,例行公事
Suit: You know if it were up to me, you could rot in here for the rest of your life. But the justice system is extremely motivated t get to the bottom of this President Reynolds business. 你知道,如果由我來決定,你將會在這裡混完你的餘生,但司法制度真的渴望追查探底Reynolds女總統的事業。
Lang: Alex, this is 100% above board. Alex,這是100%上面交代的。
[Mahone stares at Lang] [Mahone盯著Lang看]
Suit: You made a lot of mistakes in your career, you know it and I know it. Intentional or otherwise, I've got 8 files in my office attesting to that. If you don't take this offer then I assure you that it would be the biggest mistake of your life. 在你的職場上,你我都知道你犯下太多的錯誤。除此之外,在我的辦公室有8份和這件事相關的檔案,如果你不買這個帳,我相信這將是你人生中最大的錯誤。
Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows
Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre
Robert Knepper as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Wade Williams as Brad Bellick
Robert Wisdom as Lechero
Chris Vance as James Whistler
Danay Garcia as Sofia Lugo
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Susan B. Anthony
William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone
Marshall Allman as LJ Burrows
Barbara Eve Harris as Lang
Kim Coates as Richard Sullins
Dominic Keating as Andrew Tyge
Laurence Mason as Sammy
Carlo Alban as McGrady
Curtis Wayne as Cheo
Davi Jay as Papo
Joe Holt as Stash
Alex Fernandez as Captain Hurtado