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Prison Break Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers

PB S3 EP5訊息                 翻譯: Shelby, 圖: Anne

3.05 – Interference 干擾
MONDAY, October 22nd   PRISON BREAK (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT)




In the episode "Interference" (airs October 15) a new inmate enters Sona recognizing Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions.Lincoln plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable.T-Bag tempts his fate with his latest attraction (Crystal Mantecon guest stars as Sister Mary Francis).Finally, Sucre attempts to get the goods into Sona, as Michael targets the tower guards.

Hurtado enters Michael's cell. He picks up a monocular and Michael denies that it is a weapon. Hurtado punches him right in the face, and asks why Michael was watching him. Michael says he wasn't and Captain Huratado pulls a gun to his head, and repeats the question. Now counting down, 3-2-1 - Whistler then appears and says it's his. Hurtado withdraws the gun and throws the monoculars on the floor.

Later, Hurtado is at his car and Sofia has run out of gas and and needs to get a ride, Hurtado likes what he sees and invites her to come with him. During the ride, he compliments her by saying she is very very pretty, and asks that she must love here boyfriend alot to go see him in Sona regularly, she says yes. Hurtado says there would be a way for her to get to not only see him behind bars but to touch him, Hurtado leans in and Sofia looks away, and he says it could all be done in this very car. Sofia has no other choice but to accept the offer, she says Norman must never find out, Hurtado finds out she is one of Lechero's girls and nods and looks out the windo contemplating his next move.

A new guy is arriving he is named Andrew Ross, he enters the yeard as the crowd murmurs not knowing what's going on. Sammy comes up to him and welcomes him to Sona before asking for his wallet in Spanish, Andrew denies he understood him, he did however. He shakes his head not wanting to be intimidated. He says no. The crowd knows what's coming, Sammy then beats him and throws him in the dirt after taking his wallet. After Andrew regains his composure he sees Michael exiting visitation. An inmate looks at him pissed off, Ross says he is looking at the other guy. He knows him.
一個新來的犯人名叫Andrew Ross,當他走進庭院時,群眾正私下低語不知道發生了甚麼事。Sammy 用西班牙語歡迎他來到Sona,並要求他繳出他的錢包。Andrew假裝聽不懂Sammy的話,他不想被恐嚇,所以搖搖頭說No。群眾知道將會發生甚麼事,接著Sammy拿走Andrew的錢包,並揍他還將他丟到泥沙中。當Andrew回過神後,他看到Michael剛好完成探訪。一位犯人要Andrew滾開不要對著他看,Andrew說他是在看另外一個人,他認識那個人(Whistler)。

Later, Ross is cleaning up his wounds, next to Bellick, he is told not to use up so much water, but he takes his time finishing up. Bellick says it's every man for himself in Sona, he gives him some cheese, Ross says he's not hungry, but Bellick knows he will be. Bellick advises him to lay low, he says thanks and takes the cheese, he walks away and bumps into Mahone. Mahone steps in his way and asks if he is the new guy. Ross says yeah, and asks who he is, he replies and says not the new guy and that's all the matters. Ross tells him he is innocent and Mahone tells him rule numer 1: Mind your own business. He says the same to you, Ross walks off and Mahone grabs him and says do your own time and there will be no consequences. Ross agrees and walks off.
後來Andrew清洗他的傷口,剛好Bellick在旁邊,Bellick告訴他不要用太多的水,但他不理,還是慢慢清洗他的傷口。Bellick告訴Andrew說,在Sona裡要活得像個男人。Bellick給他一些起司,但他說他不餓,但Bellick知道Andrew將會餓肚子。Bellick建議他要保持低調,他像Bellick說謝謝並拿走起司。當他離開後,無意間遇到Mahone。Mahone擋住他的路,並問他是不是新來的。Ross回答是,並問Mahone是誰。Mahone說他不是新來的,事情就是這樣。Ross告訴Mahone他是無辜的,Mahone回答他說規則一, “不關你的事” 。Andrew也回應同樣的話並轉身離開。Mahone抓住他,要他管自己的事就好,不要太自大。Andrew同意並離開。

Source: SpoilerTV

Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows
Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre
Robert Knepper as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Wade Williams as Brad Bellick
Robert Wisdom as Lechero
Chris Vance as James Whistler
Danay Garcia as Sofia Lugo
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Susan B. Anthony
William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone

Laurence Mason as Sammy
Carlo Alban as McGrady
Curtis Wayne as Cheo
Carlos Compeon as Colonel Escamilla
Crystal Mantecon as Sister Mary Francis
F.J. Rio as Augusto
Dominic Keating as Tyge